Sunday, October 28, 2007

Action and Reaction Forces

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

saves, assists, and goals in Women's Football

Wouldn't it be GREAT to have CAPS?!?! Someday...

Game 1
PIC VS Wild Bill's
Jessie Coletta 1 save
Wild Bill's
Vanessa Mobel 3 saves

Game 2
Smith's VS Marianas Eye
Maria Ornes 5 saves
Maryana Gramlich 4 saves
Marianas Eye
TeMary Gramlich 3 saves
Becca Newman 3 saves
Morgan Rose 3 goals
Becca Newman 1 goal

Game 1
Marianas Eye VS PIC
Marianas Eye
Te Mary Gramlich 1 save
Becca Newman 3 saves
Morgan Rose 4 goals
Toi Smith 1 goal
Morgan Rose 1 assist
Noi Horey 8 saves

Game 2
Jason's Minions VS Smiths
Hunter Thorpe 1 save
Bradley Brostrom 3 goals
Amber Roberts 1 assist
Maria Ornes 13 saves
Maryana Gramlich 7 saves

Game 1
Smith's VS PIC
Desiree Topper 3 saves
Alleny Tenorio 5 saves
Emily Gries 1 goal
Lovelle D'Lonsol 1 goal
Noi Horey 4 saves
Brenda Schultz 2 goals

Game 2
Jason's Minions VS Wild Bill's
Daniel Macario 2 goals
Wild Bill's
Vanessa Mobel 2 saves
Nicole LeBlanc 3 saves

women of the game

This year we are trying something new. The women take responsibility for Stats: The statisticians for each game choose an offensive player and a defensive player per game. I submit this to the press however, I have been informed that they have not all been getting in the paper sooooo here they are! Brought to you by our rotating statisticians. Keep checking back for more updates!

10-13-07 1st game
Wild Bill's VS PIC
Wild Bill's OPOTG: Lindsay Davis
Wild Bill's DPATG: Nikki Gabaldon
PIC's OPOTG: Brenda Schultz
PIC's DPOTG: Divya Sharma

2nd game
Smith's VS Marianas Eye
Smith's OPOTG: Rhonda Camacho
Smith's DPOTG: Maria Ornes
Marianas Eye OPOTG: Toi Smith
Marianas Eye DPOTG TeMary Gramlich

1st game
Marianas Eye VS PIC
Marianas Eye OPOTG: Morgan Rose
Marianas Eye DPOTG: Leanne Loan
PIC OPOTG: Meaghan Hassel-Shearer
PIC DPOTG: Nicolette Seckeler

2nd Game
Jason's Minions VS Smiths
Minions OPOTG: Bradley Brostrom
Minions DPOTG: Amber Roberts
Smith's OPOTG: Maryana Gramlich
Smith's DPOTG: Maria Ornes

1st game: Smith's VS PIC
Smith's OPOTG: Lovelle D'Lonsol
Smith's DPOTG: Katie Busenkell
PIC's OPOTG: Kathy Pagapular
PIC's DPOTG: Jenny Linden

2nd game:
Jason's Mimion's VS Wild Bills
Minions OPOTG: Zoe Jewell
Minions DPOTG: Amber Roberts
Wild Bill's OPOTG: Connie Camacho
Wild Bill's DPOTG: Nikki Gabaldon

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ryan out as U.S. women's coach

Two words: Go Figure!

After trying to look like some sort of genius, Greg Ryan failed miserably when replacing starting keeper Hope Solo (Han's sister) with aging veteran (and newly signed Taya Talent keeper) Brianna Scurry.

Yeah, well I guess that backfired--fired being the key there.

Here's the story from the AP wire:

Ryan out as U.S. women's coach
Associated Press

Greg Ryan is out as the U.S. women's soccer coach less than a month after his top-ranked team lost in the World Cup semifinals following a contentious goalie switch.

U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati said on a conference call Monday that Ryan's contract will not be renewed when it expires at the end of the year. The squad does not play any more games in 2007.

"I'm not going to point to any one factor or one individual decision," Gulati said. "Obviously, coaches' decisions impact games. All that was weighed in."

Gulati, U.S. Soccer secretary general Dan Flynn and retired star Mia Hamm will form the search committee. Gulati expected to make a hire in the next 30-45 days, with the team set to resume training in January, with the Beijing Olympics the major event on next year's schedule.

He said they will seek a candidate with experience coaching in international events who is familiar with American soccer.

Ryan was 45-1-9 since taking over in early 2005, but that one loss -- in his only major tournament -- overshadowed the rest of his tenure.

"The expectation is to compete for a gold medal virtually every time we're in competition," Gulati said.

With the Americans favored to win their third World Cup, Ryan decided before their match with Brazil to make a change in goal, replacing Hope Solo with veteran Briana Scurry. Solo had allowed two goals in four World Cup starts and had a shutout string of nearly 300 minutes. Scurry, the goalie for the 1999 World Cup champs, had beaten Brazil two straight times.

The U.S. lost 4-0 and had to settle for third place, and Solo ripped Ryan for the move.

Friday, October 19, 2007

NMI strikers invited to official EAFF tournament


By Roselyn B. Monroyo
Variety News Staff

THE NMI has been invited to compete in official games of two EAFF-sanctioned tournaments despite its associate member status with the East Asian Football Federation.
At the EAFF executive committee meeting in Mongolia early this month, the federation invited the Northern Mariana Islands Football Association to send a 14-and-under team to a tournament in Beijing next year and compete against China, Chinese-Taipei, Guam, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Mongolia and South and North Koreas.
This is the second time that the NMI has been invited to field a team in the youth soccer tournament. Last year, the NMI youth strikers went to Beijing and played in exhibition games, but next year, they will play in official matches.
NMI coach and NMIFA technical director Jason Higgins will be in charge of forming a 14-and-under team for the Beijing tournament.
In the same executive committee meeting, the NMI was invited to field a team in a tournament in 2009 and challenge Guam, Mongolia and Macao.
In addition to playing in the 2009 meet, the NMI could also bid to host the tournament.
“It is a good news for the Men’s Nationals, as they don’t have to play Guam in the qualifier. The team is given an outright slot in the tournament and they will focus now their preparation on the tournament instead of beating Guam first in the qualifier,” Higgins.
Not to be left out are the NMI female strikers, who are invited to duel the Guam National team in the EAFF preliminaries starting in 2009.
“It’s a step forward for the women’s strikers, as this time they will face Guam in an official EAFF tournament,” Higgins said.
The EAAF event is the same qualifier that had the NMI Men’s Nationals colliding with the Guam Nationals early this year. The NMI and Guam strikers played two games in the preliminaries with the latter prevailing in both matches.
While the NMI’s Men’s Nationals were battling Guam for slots in the next round of the EAAF tournament, the commonwealth’s female strikers were dueling their neighbor island in a couple of exhibition matches here and on Guam.
The NMI and Guam’s female strikers slugged it out in the first-ever Marianas Cup, which the latter hosted and won in the first quarter of this year. Next spring, the NMI will be hosting the second edition of the annual event and Higgins is expected to form the team soon in order to have more time to prepare for a rematch with Guam.
Higgins has already formed the NMI Men’s Nationals naming 17 strikers to the team.
They have been practicing for more than a month and playing exhibition matches every Sunday against various men’s clubs on the island.
The NMI coach is preparing the Men’s Nationals for the Marianas Cup next spring.
Meanwhile, NMIFA president Jerry Tan, who attended the executive committee meeting in Mongolia, is pleased with the latest developments in NMI soccer and its continuing involvement with EAAF.
He said these developments will be a big boost to the NMI’s football programs and he thanked parents, officials, volunteers, coaches and players for helping out in the promotion of the sport in the commonwealth.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Still Sponsorless; Sponsorless No More!!!!

Thank you to Marianas Eye Institute for picking up our Sponsorless Wonders! The whole women's league thanks you so much. Because of the kind donations from all our sponsors we are able to keep the price of women's football to a minimum allowing many people to play.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

women's results

Point series:
3 pts "Still Sponsorless"
1 pt PIC Paradise in Cleats
1 pt Wild Bill's Wildfire
0 pts Smith's Bella Ballers

PIC and Wild Bill's played at 8:15 AM
The score was zero/zero
Wild Bill's Goal Keeper Vanessa Mobel save 1 in the 1st half and 2 in the 2nd half.
PIC's keeper Jesse Colette saved 2 in the second half.
Wild Bill's Offensive player of the game was named Lindsay Davis and their Defensive player of the game was named Nikki Gabaldon by the game statisticians.
PIC's Offensive player of the game was Brenda Schultz and the defensive player of the game was Divya Sharma by the game statisticians.

"Still Sponsorless" played Smith's Bella Ballers
"Still Sponsorless" won the game 4-zero
1st half Morgan Rose and Becca Newman each scored a goal. Morgan Rose scored 2 in the 2nd half.
TeMary of Still Sponsorless saved 3 shots in the first half while Becca Newman saved 3 in the 2nd half.
Maria Ornes of Smith's Bella Ballers saved 5 goals during the 1st half while Maryana Gramlich saved 4 goals during the second half.
Still Sponsorless offensive player of the game was named Toi Smith and the defensive player of the game was named TeMary Gramlich by the statisticians. Smith's Bella Baller's offensive player of the game was Rhonda Camacho and their defensive player of the game was Maria Ornes as named by the statisticians.

Goal keeper saves:
Maria Ornes 5 saves
Maryana Gramlish 4 saves
Temary Gramlich 3 saves
Becca Newman 3 saves
Vanessa Mobel 3 saves
Jesse Coletta 1 save

goal scorers:
Morgan Rose 3
Becca Newman 1

2007 Fall Schedule for Women's Rec League

2007 Fall Schedule
Women’s Recreational League

Team #1: Captained by Lindsay and PattyTeam #2: Captained by Brenda and Divya Team #3: Captained by Morgan and BeccaTeam #4: Captained by Emily and Vanesa
Team #5 Co-ed Youth

2007 Fall Schedule
Women’s Recreational League

Team #1: Captained by Lindsay and PattyTeam #2: Captained by Brenda and Divya Team #3: Captained by Morgan and BeccaTeam #4: Captained by Emily and Vanesa
Team #5 Co-ed Youth

Saturday, October 13
8:15: Team 1 vs Team 2
10:00: Team 3 vs Team 4
Bye: Team 5

Saturday, October 20
8:15: Team 4 vs Team 5
10:00: Team 2 vs Team 3
Bye: Team 1

Sunday, October 21
2:30: Team 2 vs Team 4
4:15: Team 1 vs Team 5
Bye: Team 3

Saturday, October 27
8:15: Team 3 vs Team 5
10:00: Team 1 vs Team 4
Bye: Team 2
Saturday, November 3
8:15: Team 1 vs Team 3
10:00 Team 2 vs Team 5
Bye: Team 4

Saturday, November 10
8:15: Team 3 vs Team 4
10:00 Team 1 vs Team 2
Bye: Team 5

Monday, November 12 (Veterans Day)
8:15: Team 2 vs Team 3
10:00 Team 4 vs Team 5
Bye: Team 1

Saturday, November 17
8:15: Team 1 vs Team 5
10:00: Team 2 vs Team 4
Bye: Team 3

Sunday, November 18
2:30: Team 1 vs. Team 3
4:15: Team 2 vs. Team 5
Bye: Team 4

Saturday, November 24
8:15: Team 1 vs Team 4
10:00: Team 3 vs Team 5
Bye: Team 2

December 1 – Semi-Finals
8:15: 4th Place vs. 1st Place
10:00: 3rd Place vs. 2nd Place

December 8 – Finals
8:15: Game to determine 3rd and 4th
10:00: Game to determine 1st and 2nd place

Note: Games are played at Airport Field.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We need a cameraman!

And not the still photographer type either (although your snapshots are greatly appreciated).

The 2007-08 CNMI Men's National Team needs a cameraman (or camerawoman) to film our upcoming games to help the players and the coaches better analyze the team's strengths and weaknesses in game-time situations.

We're trying to hone our skills before hosting Guam next Spring during the Marianas Cup, and watching game film is a valuable tool we hope to employ in the near future. Will it be the difference between a win and a loss? Who knows. But it wil definitely help us try to beat a ranked FIFA squad.

All you need is a camera and the willingness to film. Heck, we might even be able to round up the camera. Is this you? Are you interested? We play against the Bangladeshi Sports Club at 4pm this Sunday at the Oleai Sports Complex.

The CNMI's team is counting on the CNMI for support. Help us BEAT GUAM by joining us at the field this weekend. Interested cameramen and women should post a comment, email me at, or call me at 287-BRAD (2723).


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Done Deal

It's a done deal. We're inked. We got Solo. Here is a commemorative photo of Sue, Hope, and I after signing the contract for her to play with the women's recreational team #2 (yet to be named) as well as the Pirates Co-Ed team. Unfortunately for Taya their announcement was premature. Other announcements and new line-ups to the women's recreational team #2 as well as The Pirates to be announced later.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Solo benched in favor of Scurry

In another shocking story of soccer's wheeling and dealing dynamo from the Northern Mariana Islands Football Association, Taya Talent supplanted starting keeper Hope Solo, just days after she signed with the COED league's lovable losers, with newly acquired veteran Briana Scury.

"I'm just happy to be able to show my skills for one more shot at the Pacific region's most coveted COED title," said Scurry.

When asked why Taya Talent would sign another high profile keeper to its roster, player-coach Brad Ruszala said that he saw a little something in Scurry's game that could give them an advantage against Dale "Dread Pirate" Roberts and the Fiesta Pirates.

Scurry, 36, started every game but one at the 1995, 1999 and 2003 World Cups and played every minute at the Athens Olympics, where the team won gold. She also experienced success touring the most competitive COED leagues throughout the Pacific.

"We talked a long time ago with Bri about match-ups against certain teams in the NMIFA COED League and one of them was the Fiesta Pirates," he said. "The Pirates play off the dribble and in the penalty box, making the goalkeeper make quick responses to their moves. I think Bri is one of the fastest in the world," said Ruszala.

Player-coach Angelo Villagomez cited Scurry's history when dealing with the competition as the main reason for opting for the cagey veteran in next year's showodwn.

"She knew that there would be certain games that she could play. Bri has beaten the Pirates the last two times they've played and has tremendous confidence against the Fiesta club."

Scurry has never lost to the Fiesta Pirates, and Solo has never faced the team.

Scurry and Solo practiced together in the goal area after Ruszala's press conference but said little as they shagged balls 30 yards away from their teammates.

Scurry said later she and Solo had not discussed the change and had only exchanged small talk at practice.

"I think some might find it to be unusual, but I'm getting my opportunity now and I'm not really concerned about what has happened in the past," she said. "I've been playing incredibly well, kept myself in shape, kept myself on my toes and sharp. So he just decided it was going to be me."

A clearly upset Solo said she and Ruszala hadn't talked about the change in the run-up to the NMIFA COED League, but when she was called in to talk with him Tuesday night, she sensed something was up.

"The moment I got tapped on the shoulder, saying, 'I need to meet with you,' I had a pit in my stomach, and I knew what it was," she said, her eyes brimming with tears. "I was very taken aback, but that's the nature of sports and it happens."

Veteran defender David Khorram said, "Whether it's Hope or Bri or (third goalkeeper) Peter (Bonser) won't affect the rest of the team. At this level the differences between players is really small, and you just look at what strengths you have at a given time."

But former Taya Talent team co-captain Chris Nelson said the move brought out strong emotions from the team too close to a big game.

"I think Bri will be fine, and the move will be fine," said Nelson, who won two world championships and two Olympic gold medals with the CNMI National team and is a soccer analyst for KSPN.

"But I just think it becomes a distraction when you're too focused on that rather than the game. To me it's a sign of worrying too much about the opponent. You just play. You know they're good. You know their strengths and weaknesses, but you don't have to make such a drastic change.

"For men it might not be that way because they can separate things, but women have strong relationships with their teammates and that has to be considered, too. Maybe it's a case of over-thinking things, but if (Ruszala) pulls it off it's hailed as a great move."

Ruszala was adamant that he had no qualms about making the controversial decision at this point in the NMIFA COED League. "If it turns out to be a mistake," he said, "I can live with that."

Our First Win!

The CNMI Men's team lost to Guam 3-2 in Saipan and 9-0 in Guam. Last week we lost to a local club, Onwell, 2-1. Back in the spring, we lost a handful of friendly exhibition games against other local teams.

Today we won our first game!

We defeated FC Arirang, a local club composed of mostly Koreans, 4-2 today.

We're definitely improving.