Monday, November 26, 2007

NMI Women's National Football team named

Monday November 26, 2007

NMI women’s national football team named

By Roselyn B. Monroyo
Variety News Staff

TWENTY female strikers have been named to the NMI national football team after more than a month of training.

Making the list were Natalie Hill, Meaghan Hassel-Shearer, Katie Peters, Emily Gries, Rebecca Newman, Francine Sablan, Jennifer Linden, Maryana Gramlich, Lindsay Davis., Brenda Schultz, Zoe Jewell, Rima Halaby, Divya Sharma, Madison Smith, Elisa Fejeran, Nikki Gabaldon, Patricia Coleman, Ashley Hofschneider, Connie Camacho, and Amanda Allen.

Northern Mariana Island Football Association technical director Jason Higgins will be coaching the team.

Higgins, who conducted a series of tryouts for the NMI Women’s Nationals, is expected to continue holding training sessions over the next four weeks before the holiday break.

Next year, Higgins will be conducting 4 to 5-weeklong training sessions to prepare the NMI female strikers for the 2nd Annual Marianas Cup.

The Marianas Cup is set for spring next year with the NMI hoping to settle the score with Guam.

The NMI bets, who were coached by NMI coach Jeff “Ziggy” Korytoski then, suffered a 0-7 beating at the hands of the Guam strikers at the GFA Complex and Training Facility Field in Harmon in April this year.

In preparation for the rematch, the NMI bets will be playing weekly games against a U15 co-ed team and the Superstar Team. The “Superstars” are composed of selected players from the ongoing women’s fall league. Steve McKagen and Brad Ruszala are coaching the “Superstars.”

Last Saturday at the Oleai Sports Complex Field,, the NMI women’s football team played its first game as one squad and shut out the Superstars, 6-0.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Semi Finals for The Women's League!

Final League standings!
Wild Fire11
Smith's 8
Marianas Eye 6

Saturday December 1st Schedule

2:30 1st ranked Wild Bill's Vs 4th ranked PIC
4:15 2nd ranked Smith's plays 3rd ranked Marianas Eye

The winner from these games will play on December 8th for the Championship at 10:00.
The almost winners will play a consolation game on the same day for 3rd and 4th place at 8:15.
An on site award ceremony will occur right after the game. All player's attendance is requested (Jason's Minions as well).

Women's Games for Sat November 24th

Games info for Saturday November 24th
Wildfire 2-Smith's 2
Wildfire Goal Nicole Leblanc
Smith's goal Madison Smith off an assist from Emily Gries
Wildfire goal Natalie Hill
Smith's goal Emily Gries

Wild Bill's DPOTG: Angie Mister
Wild Bill's OPOTG: Patty Coleman
Smith's OPOTG Madison Smith
Smith's DPOTG Emily Gries

Game 2 Minions (4) VS Marianas Eye (0):
1st half:
Zoe Jewell Scored off an assist from Lucas Knecht
Hana Thompson scored off an assist from Damien Jeon
TeMary Gramlich of Marianas Eye saved 6 shots.
2nd half:
Hunter Thorpe scored 2 goals. The later off a penalty kick.
Minions OPOTG was Damien Jeon
Minions DPOTG was Caleb Arriola
Marianas Eye OPOTG was Karen Klaver
Marianas Eye DPOTG was Allison Livingston

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

By Popular Demand

Due to popular demand:
Mon, Nov 19th 4:30 WNT training at GTC (cuts) Superstars at CPA
Wed, Nov 21st 4:30 WNT training at GTC Superstars at CPA
Fri, Nov 23 4:30 WNT training at GTC Superstars at CPA
Sat, Nov 24 10:00 WNT VS Superstars at ChaCha
2:30 Wild Bills Vs Smith's
4:15 Marianas Eye VS Jason's Minions
Mon, Nov 26 4:30 WNT Training at GTC Superstars CPA
Wed, Nov 28 4:30 WNT Training at GTC Superstars CPA
Fri, Nov 30 4:30 WNT Training at GTC Superstars CPA
Sat, Dec 1 10:00 AM WNT vs Jason's Minions at Cha Cha
2:30 1st in points play 4th in points CPA
4:15 3rd in point series play 2nd in point series at CPA
Mon Dec 3 4:30 WNT at GTC Superstars at CPA
Wed, Dec 5 4:30 WNT at GTC Superstars at CPA
Fri, Dec 7 4:30 WNT VS Superstars at ChaCha
Sat Dec 8 8:15 almost winners from last week play for 3rd and 4th
10:00 winners from last week play for 1st and 2nd
Award Ceremony following directly after game ALL are encouraged to attend.
Mon, Dec 10th 4:30 WNT at GTC Superstars at CPA
Wed, Dec 12 4:30 WNT VS Superstars at ChaCha
Until we meet again!!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

November 12th Womens League games

Game 1 PIC Paradise in Cleats Vs Marianas Eye SPECtaculars
PIC 1 Marianas Eye 0
Brenda Schultz scored early in the 1st half off of an assist by Ashley Hofschneider.
Although there were many attempts on goal throughout the game the score stayed 1-0.
PIC's OPOTG Brenda Schultz
PIC's DPOTG Noi Horey
Marianas Eye OPOTG Morgan Rose
Marianas Eye DPOTG Allison Livingston

Game 2 Jason's Minions Vs Smith's Bella Ballers
Minions 4- Bellas 2
The first half was tied 1-1
Zoey Jewell struck first with a goal for the Minions but Madison Smith tied things up off and assist from Tawny Barcinas.
During the second half the Minions began their scoring rampage with goals by Lucas Knecht, Michi Tenorio, and Bradley Brostrom. Bella Ballers also got one more in. Maryana Gramlich scored one in for the Bella Ballers off an assist from Madison Smith.
This game was a muddy mess!!!!!
Minion's OPOTG: Lucas Knecht
Minions DPOTG: Caleb Arriola
Bellas OPOTG: Emily Gries
Bellas DPOTG: Vanesa PritchardPoint standings:

November 12
Wild Bill’s 10
Marianas Eye 6
Smith’s 4

Players "shower off" at Shell after the game.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Monday, 4:30 CPA Field Women's National Team Tryouts begin!!!

Nothing compares to hearing the anthem being played and knowing you are there to represent the CNMI playing a sport you love!!! Think of all the young women and girls you can inspire to play! Think of the pride you will feel at the end of the day knowing you did it!
Come give it a shot!!! Try-outs are from 4:30-6:00 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at CPA field!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

women's rec league continues!!!!

Hot off the press:
Game 1:
Smith's Bella Ballers beat Marianas Eye Spectaculars 1-0. Both teams were without Captains. Morgan Rose was sidelined due to an injury and Emily Gries was coaching her Community School girls interscholastic team. The score was 0-0 in the first 1/2. Tawny Barcinas crossed a beautiful ball over to Madison Smith who tapped it in for the win. The offensive player of the game for Smiths was Madison Smith and the Defensive player of the game was Vanesa Pritchard. Specs offensive player of the game was Karen Klaver and their defensive player of the game was Linda Anastatio.
Game 2:
Wild Bills Wildfire beat PIC's Paradise in Cleats 2-0. It was a well matched game with actions on both sides of the field. The score was 0-0 at half time. Early in the 2nd half Patty Coleman dribbled down and broke through the PIC defense and dribbled in and shot for the goal. Lindsay Davis scored one in as the slippery ball made it's way through Noi Horey's slippery hands in this mud filled game.
The offensive player of the game for Wild Bills was Patty Coleman and Defensive player of the game was Angie Mister. PIC's offensive player of the game was Brenda Schultz and defensive player f the game was Jenny Linden.

Wild Bills 10 pts
Marianas Eye 6 Pts
Smith's 4 pts
PIC 2 pts

October 27th players of the game were:
Smiths OPOTG Madison Smith
Smiths DPOTG Vanesa Pritchard
Wild Bill's OPOTG Connie Camacho
Wild Bill's DPOTG Nikki Gabaldon
Marianas Eye Institute OPOTG Elyssa Fejeran
Marianas Eye Insttute DPOTG Allisn Livingston
Minions OPOTG Zoe Jewell
Minions DPOTG Kai Stahl

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

CNMI Women's National Team Try-outs!

November 12th, 2007, 4:30pm at CPA Field is the first day of WNT try-outs.

If you are selected for the team, training will be held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
with Saturday morning games.

For more information, contact Jason Higgins at

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

saves, assists, and goals in Women's Football

Wouldn't it be GREAT to have CAPS?!?! Someday...

Game 1
PIC VS Wild Bill's
Jessie Coletta 1 save
Wild Bill's
Vanessa Mobel 3 saves

Game 2
Smith's VS Marianas Eye
Maria Ornes 5 saves
Maryana Gramlich 4 saves
Marianas Eye
TeMary Gramlich 3 saves
Becca Newman 3 saves
Morgan Rose 3 goals
Becca Newman 1 goal

Game 1
Marianas Eye VS PIC
Marianas Eye
Te Mary Gramlich 1 save
Becca Newman 3 saves
Morgan Rose 4 goals
Toi Smith 1 goal
Morgan Rose 1 assist
Noi Horey 8 saves

Game 2
Jason's Minions VS Smiths
Hunter Thorpe 1 save
Bradley Brostrom 3 goals
Amber Roberts 1 assist
Maria Ornes 13 saves
Maryana Gramlich 7 saves

Game 1
Smith's VS PIC
Desiree Topper 3 saves
Alleny Tenorio 5 saves
Emily Gries 1 goal
Lovelle D'Lonsol 1 goal
Noi Horey 4 saves
Brenda Schultz 2 goals

Game 2
Jason's Minions VS Wild Bill's
Daniel Macario 2 goals
Wild Bill's
Vanessa Mobel 2 saves
Nicole LeBlanc 3 saves

women of the game

This year we are trying something new. The women take responsibility for Stats: The statisticians for each game choose an offensive player and a defensive player per game. I submit this to the press however, I have been informed that they have not all been getting in the paper sooooo here they are! Brought to you by our rotating statisticians. Keep checking back for more updates!

10-13-07 1st game
Wild Bill's VS PIC
Wild Bill's OPOTG: Lindsay Davis
Wild Bill's DPATG: Nikki Gabaldon
PIC's OPOTG: Brenda Schultz
PIC's DPOTG: Divya Sharma

2nd game
Smith's VS Marianas Eye
Smith's OPOTG: Rhonda Camacho
Smith's DPOTG: Maria Ornes
Marianas Eye OPOTG: Toi Smith
Marianas Eye DPOTG TeMary Gramlich

1st game
Marianas Eye VS PIC
Marianas Eye OPOTG: Morgan Rose
Marianas Eye DPOTG: Leanne Loan
PIC OPOTG: Meaghan Hassel-Shearer
PIC DPOTG: Nicolette Seckeler

2nd Game
Jason's Minions VS Smiths
Minions OPOTG: Bradley Brostrom
Minions DPOTG: Amber Roberts
Smith's OPOTG: Maryana Gramlich
Smith's DPOTG: Maria Ornes

1st game: Smith's VS PIC
Smith's OPOTG: Lovelle D'Lonsol
Smith's DPOTG: Katie Busenkell
PIC's OPOTG: Kathy Pagapular
PIC's DPOTG: Jenny Linden

2nd game:
Jason's Mimion's VS Wild Bills
Minions OPOTG: Zoe Jewell
Minions DPOTG: Amber Roberts
Wild Bill's OPOTG: Connie Camacho
Wild Bill's DPOTG: Nikki Gabaldon

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ryan out as U.S. women's coach

Two words: Go Figure!

After trying to look like some sort of genius, Greg Ryan failed miserably when replacing starting keeper Hope Solo (Han's sister) with aging veteran (and newly signed Taya Talent keeper) Brianna Scurry.

Yeah, well I guess that backfired--fired being the key there.

Here's the story from the AP wire:

Ryan out as U.S. women's coach
Associated Press

Greg Ryan is out as the U.S. women's soccer coach less than a month after his top-ranked team lost in the World Cup semifinals following a contentious goalie switch.

U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati said on a conference call Monday that Ryan's contract will not be renewed when it expires at the end of the year. The squad does not play any more games in 2007.

"I'm not going to point to any one factor or one individual decision," Gulati said. "Obviously, coaches' decisions impact games. All that was weighed in."

Gulati, U.S. Soccer secretary general Dan Flynn and retired star Mia Hamm will form the search committee. Gulati expected to make a hire in the next 30-45 days, with the team set to resume training in January, with the Beijing Olympics the major event on next year's schedule.

He said they will seek a candidate with experience coaching in international events who is familiar with American soccer.

Ryan was 45-1-9 since taking over in early 2005, but that one loss -- in his only major tournament -- overshadowed the rest of his tenure.

"The expectation is to compete for a gold medal virtually every time we're in competition," Gulati said.

With the Americans favored to win their third World Cup, Ryan decided before their match with Brazil to make a change in goal, replacing Hope Solo with veteran Briana Scurry. Solo had allowed two goals in four World Cup starts and had a shutout string of nearly 300 minutes. Scurry, the goalie for the 1999 World Cup champs, had beaten Brazil two straight times.

The U.S. lost 4-0 and had to settle for third place, and Solo ripped Ryan for the move.

Friday, October 19, 2007

NMI strikers invited to official EAFF tournament


By Roselyn B. Monroyo
Variety News Staff

THE NMI has been invited to compete in official games of two EAFF-sanctioned tournaments despite its associate member status with the East Asian Football Federation.
At the EAFF executive committee meeting in Mongolia early this month, the federation invited the Northern Mariana Islands Football Association to send a 14-and-under team to a tournament in Beijing next year and compete against China, Chinese-Taipei, Guam, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Mongolia and South and North Koreas.
This is the second time that the NMI has been invited to field a team in the youth soccer tournament. Last year, the NMI youth strikers went to Beijing and played in exhibition games, but next year, they will play in official matches.
NMI coach and NMIFA technical director Jason Higgins will be in charge of forming a 14-and-under team for the Beijing tournament.
In the same executive committee meeting, the NMI was invited to field a team in a tournament in 2009 and challenge Guam, Mongolia and Macao.
In addition to playing in the 2009 meet, the NMI could also bid to host the tournament.
“It is a good news for the Men’s Nationals, as they don’t have to play Guam in the qualifier. The team is given an outright slot in the tournament and they will focus now their preparation on the tournament instead of beating Guam first in the qualifier,” Higgins.
Not to be left out are the NMI female strikers, who are invited to duel the Guam National team in the EAFF preliminaries starting in 2009.
“It’s a step forward for the women’s strikers, as this time they will face Guam in an official EAFF tournament,” Higgins said.
The EAAF event is the same qualifier that had the NMI Men’s Nationals colliding with the Guam Nationals early this year. The NMI and Guam strikers played two games in the preliminaries with the latter prevailing in both matches.
While the NMI’s Men’s Nationals were battling Guam for slots in the next round of the EAAF tournament, the commonwealth’s female strikers were dueling their neighbor island in a couple of exhibition matches here and on Guam.
The NMI and Guam’s female strikers slugged it out in the first-ever Marianas Cup, which the latter hosted and won in the first quarter of this year. Next spring, the NMI will be hosting the second edition of the annual event and Higgins is expected to form the team soon in order to have more time to prepare for a rematch with Guam.
Higgins has already formed the NMI Men’s Nationals naming 17 strikers to the team.
They have been practicing for more than a month and playing exhibition matches every Sunday against various men’s clubs on the island.
The NMI coach is preparing the Men’s Nationals for the Marianas Cup next spring.
Meanwhile, NMIFA president Jerry Tan, who attended the executive committee meeting in Mongolia, is pleased with the latest developments in NMI soccer and its continuing involvement with EAAF.
He said these developments will be a big boost to the NMI’s football programs and he thanked parents, officials, volunteers, coaches and players for helping out in the promotion of the sport in the commonwealth.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Still Sponsorless; Sponsorless No More!!!!

Thank you to Marianas Eye Institute for picking up our Sponsorless Wonders! The whole women's league thanks you so much. Because of the kind donations from all our sponsors we are able to keep the price of women's football to a minimum allowing many people to play.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

women's results

Point series:
3 pts "Still Sponsorless"
1 pt PIC Paradise in Cleats
1 pt Wild Bill's Wildfire
0 pts Smith's Bella Ballers

PIC and Wild Bill's played at 8:15 AM
The score was zero/zero
Wild Bill's Goal Keeper Vanessa Mobel save 1 in the 1st half and 2 in the 2nd half.
PIC's keeper Jesse Colette saved 2 in the second half.
Wild Bill's Offensive player of the game was named Lindsay Davis and their Defensive player of the game was named Nikki Gabaldon by the game statisticians.
PIC's Offensive player of the game was Brenda Schultz and the defensive player of the game was Divya Sharma by the game statisticians.

"Still Sponsorless" played Smith's Bella Ballers
"Still Sponsorless" won the game 4-zero
1st half Morgan Rose and Becca Newman each scored a goal. Morgan Rose scored 2 in the 2nd half.
TeMary of Still Sponsorless saved 3 shots in the first half while Becca Newman saved 3 in the 2nd half.
Maria Ornes of Smith's Bella Ballers saved 5 goals during the 1st half while Maryana Gramlich saved 4 goals during the second half.
Still Sponsorless offensive player of the game was named Toi Smith and the defensive player of the game was named TeMary Gramlich by the statisticians. Smith's Bella Baller's offensive player of the game was Rhonda Camacho and their defensive player of the game was Maria Ornes as named by the statisticians.

Goal keeper saves:
Maria Ornes 5 saves
Maryana Gramlish 4 saves
Temary Gramlich 3 saves
Becca Newman 3 saves
Vanessa Mobel 3 saves
Jesse Coletta 1 save

goal scorers:
Morgan Rose 3
Becca Newman 1

2007 Fall Schedule for Women's Rec League

2007 Fall Schedule
Women’s Recreational League

Team #1: Captained by Lindsay and PattyTeam #2: Captained by Brenda and Divya Team #3: Captained by Morgan and BeccaTeam #4: Captained by Emily and Vanesa
Team #5 Co-ed Youth

2007 Fall Schedule
Women’s Recreational League

Team #1: Captained by Lindsay and PattyTeam #2: Captained by Brenda and Divya Team #3: Captained by Morgan and BeccaTeam #4: Captained by Emily and Vanesa
Team #5 Co-ed Youth

Saturday, October 13
8:15: Team 1 vs Team 2
10:00: Team 3 vs Team 4
Bye: Team 5

Saturday, October 20
8:15: Team 4 vs Team 5
10:00: Team 2 vs Team 3
Bye: Team 1

Sunday, October 21
2:30: Team 2 vs Team 4
4:15: Team 1 vs Team 5
Bye: Team 3

Saturday, October 27
8:15: Team 3 vs Team 5
10:00: Team 1 vs Team 4
Bye: Team 2
Saturday, November 3
8:15: Team 1 vs Team 3
10:00 Team 2 vs Team 5
Bye: Team 4

Saturday, November 10
8:15: Team 3 vs Team 4
10:00 Team 1 vs Team 2
Bye: Team 5

Monday, November 12 (Veterans Day)
8:15: Team 2 vs Team 3
10:00 Team 4 vs Team 5
Bye: Team 1

Saturday, November 17
8:15: Team 1 vs Team 5
10:00: Team 2 vs Team 4
Bye: Team 3

Sunday, November 18
2:30: Team 1 vs. Team 3
4:15: Team 2 vs. Team 5
Bye: Team 4

Saturday, November 24
8:15: Team 1 vs Team 4
10:00: Team 3 vs Team 5
Bye: Team 2

December 1 – Semi-Finals
8:15: 4th Place vs. 1st Place
10:00: 3rd Place vs. 2nd Place

December 8 – Finals
8:15: Game to determine 3rd and 4th
10:00: Game to determine 1st and 2nd place

Note: Games are played at Airport Field.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We need a cameraman!

And not the still photographer type either (although your snapshots are greatly appreciated).

The 2007-08 CNMI Men's National Team needs a cameraman (or camerawoman) to film our upcoming games to help the players and the coaches better analyze the team's strengths and weaknesses in game-time situations.

We're trying to hone our skills before hosting Guam next Spring during the Marianas Cup, and watching game film is a valuable tool we hope to employ in the near future. Will it be the difference between a win and a loss? Who knows. But it wil definitely help us try to beat a ranked FIFA squad.

All you need is a camera and the willingness to film. Heck, we might even be able to round up the camera. Is this you? Are you interested? We play against the Bangladeshi Sports Club at 4pm this Sunday at the Oleai Sports Complex.

The CNMI's team is counting on the CNMI for support. Help us BEAT GUAM by joining us at the field this weekend. Interested cameramen and women should post a comment, email me at, or call me at 287-BRAD (2723).


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Done Deal

It's a done deal. We're inked. We got Solo. Here is a commemorative photo of Sue, Hope, and I after signing the contract for her to play with the women's recreational team #2 (yet to be named) as well as the Pirates Co-Ed team. Unfortunately for Taya their announcement was premature. Other announcements and new line-ups to the women's recreational team #2 as well as The Pirates to be announced later.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Solo benched in favor of Scurry

In another shocking story of soccer's wheeling and dealing dynamo from the Northern Mariana Islands Football Association, Taya Talent supplanted starting keeper Hope Solo, just days after she signed with the COED league's lovable losers, with newly acquired veteran Briana Scury.

"I'm just happy to be able to show my skills for one more shot at the Pacific region's most coveted COED title," said Scurry.

When asked why Taya Talent would sign another high profile keeper to its roster, player-coach Brad Ruszala said that he saw a little something in Scurry's game that could give them an advantage against Dale "Dread Pirate" Roberts and the Fiesta Pirates.

Scurry, 36, started every game but one at the 1995, 1999 and 2003 World Cups and played every minute at the Athens Olympics, where the team won gold. She also experienced success touring the most competitive COED leagues throughout the Pacific.

"We talked a long time ago with Bri about match-ups against certain teams in the NMIFA COED League and one of them was the Fiesta Pirates," he said. "The Pirates play off the dribble and in the penalty box, making the goalkeeper make quick responses to their moves. I think Bri is one of the fastest in the world," said Ruszala.

Player-coach Angelo Villagomez cited Scurry's history when dealing with the competition as the main reason for opting for the cagey veteran in next year's showodwn.

"She knew that there would be certain games that she could play. Bri has beaten the Pirates the last two times they've played and has tremendous confidence against the Fiesta club."

Scurry has never lost to the Fiesta Pirates, and Solo has never faced the team.

Scurry and Solo practiced together in the goal area after Ruszala's press conference but said little as they shagged balls 30 yards away from their teammates.

Scurry said later she and Solo had not discussed the change and had only exchanged small talk at practice.

"I think some might find it to be unusual, but I'm getting my opportunity now and I'm not really concerned about what has happened in the past," she said. "I've been playing incredibly well, kept myself in shape, kept myself on my toes and sharp. So he just decided it was going to be me."

A clearly upset Solo said she and Ruszala hadn't talked about the change in the run-up to the NMIFA COED League, but when she was called in to talk with him Tuesday night, she sensed something was up.

"The moment I got tapped on the shoulder, saying, 'I need to meet with you,' I had a pit in my stomach, and I knew what it was," she said, her eyes brimming with tears. "I was very taken aback, but that's the nature of sports and it happens."

Veteran defender David Khorram said, "Whether it's Hope or Bri or (third goalkeeper) Peter (Bonser) won't affect the rest of the team. At this level the differences between players is really small, and you just look at what strengths you have at a given time."

But former Taya Talent team co-captain Chris Nelson said the move brought out strong emotions from the team too close to a big game.

"I think Bri will be fine, and the move will be fine," said Nelson, who won two world championships and two Olympic gold medals with the CNMI National team and is a soccer analyst for KSPN.

"But I just think it becomes a distraction when you're too focused on that rather than the game. To me it's a sign of worrying too much about the opponent. You just play. You know they're good. You know their strengths and weaknesses, but you don't have to make such a drastic change.

"For men it might not be that way because they can separate things, but women have strong relationships with their teammates and that has to be considered, too. Maybe it's a case of over-thinking things, but if (Ruszala) pulls it off it's hailed as a great move."

Ruszala was adamant that he had no qualms about making the controversial decision at this point in the NMIFA COED League. "If it turns out to be a mistake," he said, "I can live with that."

Our First Win!

The CNMI Men's team lost to Guam 3-2 in Saipan and 9-0 in Guam. Last week we lost to a local club, Onwell, 2-1. Back in the spring, we lost a handful of friendly exhibition games against other local teams.

Today we won our first game!

We defeated FC Arirang, a local club composed of mostly Koreans, 4-2 today.

We're definitely improving.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

CNMI vs FC Arirang

The CNMI Men's Team will play FC Arirang in a friendly exhibition match tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 PM at Ada Field.

Come cheer on your home team!

Hope Solo signs with Taya Talent

Hope Solo, the 5'10" American Keeper (badass), has decided that International Football Glory is not her thing. She'd rather grill hot dogs on the sidelines of the CPA Airport Field with Taya Talent.

Sorry, Brenda, I know you were hoping that she'd play with the pirates next COED season.


Find more Hope Solo pictures HERE.

Friday, September 28, 2007

USA 0: 4 Brazil

The US WNT lost their first game in 51 appearances.

Go to for more info. I am too distraught over this result to write more.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Women's Teams Are Complete

The Women's League just completed 2 boot camps and recruited enough players to form 5 teams. An article in the Tribune announced the teams.

Stay tuned for more information.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

NMIFA Exhibition Match

Come watch the Men take on the Onwell team this Sunday afternoon at 4:00 PM at Ada Field. Week one of tryouts is over. The first round of cuts is going to happen after the game. Come see who makes it and who doesn't.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Women's World Cup update

There is a typhoon hitting Shanghai so some of the times and locations have changed for today and tomorrow.
These are the Saipan dates and times. All games are on channel 6 or 35.
Here is the update:
Thursday 9-20
Norway VS Ghana
China VS New Zealand
Australia Vs Canada PM Brazil VS Denmark

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Women's World Cup Saipan Schedule

Saipan schedule: All games on either channel 35 or 6
9-17 Monday:
10PM Germany Vs Japan
10PM England VS Argentina
9-18 Tuesday:
10 PM Nigeria VS USA
10 PM North Korea and Sweden
9-19 Wednesday
7PM Norway VS Ghana
7PM Australia VS Canada
10PM China Vs New Zealand
10 PM Brazil Vs Denmark
9-22 Saturday: Quarterfinals begin first game at 7 second game at 10.

Team points before going into these games
3 pts for a win, 1 pt for a tie, and no points for a loss
Group A
Germany 4 pts
Japan 4pts
England 2 pts
Argentina 0 pts

Group B
North Korea 4 pts
USA 4 pts
Nigeria 1 pt
Sweden 1 pt

Group C
Australia 4 pts
Norway 4 pts
Canada 3 pts
Ghana 0 pts

Group D
Brazil 6 pts
Denmark 3 pts
hina 3 pts
New Zealand 0 Pts

Only the 1st and 2nd place teams from each group progress to quarter finals. Come on USA!!! We need some GOOOOOOOALS!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

I didn't puke

Consecutive Days without Angelo puking: 1

What can I say? I'm known for leaving everything on the field.

Day 1 of tryouts is done. 21 guys came out for the team, including one middle school student, two high school students, and two guys in their twenties (the other Pete and me). Everyone else is 30 and above.

We did a short warm up with some stretching.

Then we did some dribbling and passing drills.

Then Fujita led us in two drills. We played two different 4 vs 4 games.

Then we had five trips through the tunnel of love.

Then it was dark and practice ended.

I'd forgotten how tiring soccer practice can be...and I feel fat...and I miss my legs from 10 years ago.

We have two more tryouts this week on Thursday and Friday. We have Tuesday and Wednesday to rest, but I'll be jogging with David for about 3 miles each morning.

I don't feel as hurt as I did when we did this in February...but we haven't had our fitness test yet.

Here's to dropping 20 lbs by Friday!

Great Opportunity!


Lectures and Field Session

Clinician: Fujita-San of the Japan Football Association

Date: Saturday, September 22nd, 10:30 AM – Noon (Lecture)

Saturday, September 22nd, 1:30 – 3:00 PM (Lecture)

Saturday, September 22nd, 4:00 – 5:30 PM (Field)

Location: Lectures – Fiesta Hotel

Field – ADA

Materials: Writing Material and Playing Clothes

Cost: Free

Contact: Jason Higgins, 235-0173


I attended the one held this past weekend-- it was great! Take advantage of this opportunity.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last Day to Register for the women's league!

The last day to register for the Womens league is this coming Saturday from 8-10! We will be at the Airport field. The cost is $35.00. Come on out and bring a friend! Tell everyone you know!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

NMIFA National Team Tryouts

Here we go again. NMIFA National Team tryouts begin on Monday. Here's the schedule:

Monday, September 17, 5-7
Thursday, September 20, 5-7
Friday, September 21, 5-7

Exhibition game against Onwell on Sunday, September 23 at 4:00 PM. First cuts will be made after the game.

Monday, September 24, 5-7
Thursday, September 27, 5-7
Friday, September 28, 5-7

Once the team is chosen, there will be exhibition games against local clubs every Sunday in October.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Saturday...women's soccer league begins!

Ladies just a reminder to get all your friends together and come play some soccer!

There are only 2 days of registration
Saturday the 15th and
Saturday the 22nd
8-10 AM
During Boot Camp! Come one come all!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Women's World Cup

Anyone know the schedule for Saipan times and stations?

Friday, September 7, 2007

Boot Camp for Women coming September 15th!

Come get your kicks! The recreational women's Soccer Season begins September 15th!! It's no problem if you have never player before! We'll teach you! Everyone is guaranteed to make the team. Come see why 80 women on Saipan came out to the field each weekend!

Boot Camp is on
September 15th 8-10 AM at Airport Field
September 22nd 8-10 AM at Airport Field

You must register for the season at that time and location.
The cost for registration is $33.00

Mark your Calendars and Bring a friend!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

More Recruits

Fuller wants Zizou for LA Galaxy

HAVING planted David Beckham at LA Galaxy, super-agent Simon Fuller is now trying to persuade football legend Zinedine Zidane out of retirement to join his former Real Madrid team-mate in the US soccer team. Fuller, who brokered Beckham's $10m-a-year deal, has made a similar offer to the controversial French star, who was sent off in the World Cup final for head-butting Italy's Marco Materazzi.

While Galaxy insiders say Zidane is playing hard to get, if anyone can coax him into signing the deal it is Fuller: after orchestrating the Spice Girls and creating Pop Idol, the multi-millionaire agent-manager is used to having his own way.


Zidane, if the Galaxy do not work out, please consider joining your former Teammate, David Beckham, on Taya Talent, Saipan's #1 up and coming COED Football Team.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

World Cup Tickets For Sale

I have two World Cup Ticket for sale. My daughter was going to go but is worried about missing too much school (good girl). We are selling her ticket at cost.

The first one is Match 30 which is a semi final match on September 27th in Hangzhou Dragon Stadium Lower section 9 East row 22 seat 16 Ticket was $40 shipping was $16 Cost with shipping: $56.00

The second one is for 3rd/4th place, the final, and the closing ceremony in Shanghai.
Seating is lower section 10, row 11 seat 42 Cost was $66 shipping was $16 cost with shipping: $82.00

email me at First come first serve.

An Open Letter to David Beckham

Dear Mr. Beckham,

Taya Talent recently ended our 2007 Summer COED Football Season with a 0-6-2 record. That's right, we didn't win a damn game.

As we enter the off season, we are looking to build our team for next year. We are interested in recruiting you for our team.

I understand that you just busted your knee; that's OK. You are probably still faster on one leg than most of our team is with two "healthy" legs.

I also understand that you are contracted to make about $250 million this year. I can't offer you that much, but we usually grill up some sausage after each game. I'll make sure you have first dibs. I can also promise you 3% of the revenue from Taya Talent jersey sales.

If you are interested in entering into contract negotiations, please have your agent contact the NMIFA COED


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

COED Mixup Tournament

To end the first COED season, we are going to do the following:

What: COED Mixup Tournament and post game BBQ
Where: CPA Airport Field
When: This Saturday, September 8 from 8 AM - 2 PM
Who: Coed teams and anybody else who wants to join in

The idea of the mixup is that every player would bring their uniform to the field at 8 AM. Registration fee is $1, just to cover the cost of ice and charcoal. Everyone throws their jersey into a box (there will be a box for men and a box for women, we'll take turns), and then we take turns picking a shirt. The shirt you pick is the team you are on. Hopefully the teams will get "mixed up."

Games will have two 25 minute halves, with a 5 minute half with the refereees coming from the other teams (the ones not playing in that game).


8:00 Registration and Mixup of teams
9:00 team 1 vs team 4
10:10 team 2 vs team 3
11:20 consolation game
12:30 final game

Potluck BBQ to follow final game, but we'll start cooking as soon as the final game starts.

If someone who did not play in the league wants to play in the tournament the cost is $5, to cover hot dogs, etc.

You do not need to RSVP, but please let angelo know if you are coming. His email is angelovillagomez at gmail dot com.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Referees Needed!

Set aside this date on your calendars, more information coming soon

Northern Mariana Islands Football Association (NMIFA)Referee Clinic

Learn the Laws of the Game and how to apply them with fairness, firmness, and fitness.

Weekend of Sept. 14-16 (dates and time to be announced)

Classroom and field training. No experience necessary. Some knowledge of the game helpful. High school and college students welcomed.

Men's Goal Leaders

Masa Otsuka of Inter led the Men's league in goals this season with 8, followed by Arkie Reusora, also of Inter, with 4. There was a 5 way tie for third. Jetsada Phonsujit, Jeeraphong Thoensaket, and Ben Wood of Independants, Jahangir Hossein of Bangladeshi Sports Club, and Choi Yoon Won of FC Arirang all had 3 goals each.

Here is the full list:

* 8 Masa Otsuka (FI)
* 4 Arkie Reusora (FI)
* 3 Jetsada Phonsujit (WB)
* 3 Jeeraphong Thoensaket (WB)
* 3 Jahangir Hossein (BSC)
* 3 Choi Yoon Won (FCA)
* 3 Ben Wood (WB)
* 2 Surendra Ale (BSC)
* 2 Sun Sik Jang (FCA)
* 2 Seung Bak Kim (FCA)
* 2 Peter Houk (FI)
* 2 Kanghyin Shin (PTI)
* 1 Zhu Song Gen (FI)
* 1 Tej Gurung (PTI)
* 1 Steve McKagan (WB)
* 1 Li Yong Lie (BSC)
* 1 Li Dong Ri (BSC)
* 1 Koichiro Nakamura (FI)
* 1 Kim Min Ki (FCA)
* 1 John Duenas (FI)
* 1 Jason Schroeder (WB)
* 1 Eui Suk Ko (FCA)
* 1 Dave Duenas (FI)
* 1 Chris Guerrero (FI)
* 1 Chong Koo Gil (FCA)
* 1 Bir Tamang (PTI)
* 1 Amrit Limbu (PTI)


FC Arirang continued to impress in the Northern Mariana Islands Football Association Men's Summer League as they completed the regular season with a sharp, 4 to 1, victory over a stubborn PTI. The victory secures the Korean squad a place in the Tapachao Derby Championship match next weekend against unbeaten Fiesta Inter.

In the other match this past Sunday at the Oleai Sports Complex, the Banglasdeshi Sports Club and Wild Bill's were dead even in the heat with a 3 to 3 draw.

Leading the way for FC Arirang was Yoon Won Choi who garnered a pair of goals to compliment solo strikes by veteran Seung Baeg Kim and Sun Sik Jang. Bir Tamang had the lone score for PTI. Henry Yang went the distance in the goal for FC Arirang.

Wild Bill's continued to improve with a hatrick from Jeeraphong Thoensaket. BSC benefited from two strikes by Surendra Ale and an own goal. The tie pushes Wild Bill's into third place by virtue of goal differential on the season over BSC.

Wild Bill's and BSC will meet in the consolation match next Sunday at 2 PM at Oleai Sports Complex. The Tapachao Derby Championship match featuring Fiesta Inter and FC Arirang will kick off at 4 PM.

In the event of a draw during regulation in the Tapachao Derby Championship Match, the squads will play a ten minute Golden Goal period. If the score is still knotted, the teams will proceed to penalty kicks to determine the champion.

Traditionally, a derby is a rivalry between local clubs with some of the most famous being Manchester United and Manchester City in the English Premier League as well as AC Milan and Inter Milan in Serie A in Italy.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Report says 50,000 condoms available for 13th Pacific Games

By Nazario Rodriquez Jr.
Horizon news staff

Online news report had it that the host nation for the 13th Pacific Games ordered some 50,000 condoms to be available during the 15-day event from Aug. 25-Sept. 8.

New Zealand’s Pacific Radio News last week reported that the number one doctor in Samoa was urging thjose who are heading to the Games to make their best performance on the track and field and not in their hotel rooms.

Pacific Radio News quoted Dr. Stanley Dean that there’s been a preoccupation with sex at these Games and that he wants to remind athletes and officials that the occasion is about sports not sex.

An estimated 5,000 athletes are now billeted in the Games’ village and other temporary shelters during the duration of the multi-sports gathering of 22 Pacific Island nations.

Palau sent some 100 athletes, coaches and officials to the Games.

A few days before their departure from Palau, the athletes have been briefed about the medical and health services to be accorded to them during the Games.

Sports officials in Palau did not mention however if the condom issue was part of the medical briefing.

The report said that the condoms would be available at the Safe Games Booth and at bars, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels as well as the National Hospital and at the Samoa AIDS Foundation.

"Sex at the Games became an issue after a leaked memo banning gay athletes and fafafine from engaging in sexual activity at the Village Compound caused a furor," the report said.

Accordingly, the memo was later withdrawn with host nation officials reiterating they didn't endorse the discrimination of fafafine.

"HiV and Aids workers have since pushed on with an awareness campaign for safe sex at the Games, saying it's impossible to ban it with all that male testosterone and female pheromones coming together over two weeks," Pacific Radio News said.

Fafafine= bakala

Don't mean to dwarf Taya's glory, but this article is hilarious!

Taya Talent 9, Wild Bill's 0

Taya Talent found thier talent.

Last night Taya Talent took Wild Bill's to the cleaners.

Wild Bill's not so wild in final game of NMIFA Coed League.

Is that enough, or should I keep on going?

I don't know how it happened, but Taya Talent came together last night for one of the greatest exhibitions of soccer the island of Saipan has ever seen. The Wild Bill's team looked like a bunch of drunken midget pirates; they couldn't do anything to stop us.

Angelo Villagomez found the back of the net 9 times, scoring four times off of corner kicks from Chris Nelson.


It was a fun 8 week season, Everybody! I can't wait for the next one.


The Pirates won their final game against the Pika Raiders 2-1.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

You are all invited!

The Saipan All Star Women will play friendly games with the Guam women this weekend at the Ada pitch.

Saturday Morning at 10:30 (35 minute halves)
Saturday Afternoon at 4:00 (45 minute halves)
Sunday Morning at 10:30 (35 minute halves)

This should be a fun and friendly set of games with our sisters from Guam who have helped us come so far. The last time they came out was the summer of 2006. Come join us!

Post Game Celebration at Porky's...but no smoking, please

The NMIFA Coed League's last game is this Wednesday night. In celebration, everyone, bloggers, soccer players, soccer fans, soccer moms, midget pirates, and even Harry Blalock are inviting to smokefree, end of season celebration at Porky's restaurant in Garapan.

Wednesday nights at Porky's are smokefree, so you'll be able to breathe easy.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Beautify CNMI Mailing List

Are you on the Beautify CNMI mailing list?

Every Monday morning I send out a summary of the weekend's activites. On Thursdays I send out the upcoming weekend's activities. If there is a meeting on a particular day, I send out a meeting reminder.

If you are not on the list and you would like to be, please email Angelo at angelovillagomez at gmail dot com.

Here is my update from this morning:

Good Monday Morning,

We had several successful events over the weekend.

On Friday, we announced the winners of the Photo Contest to raise awareness of the Micronesia Challenge and over 30 people participated in a public forum discussing Marine Protected Areas and Coral Reefs. On Saturday, the members of the Student Action for a Viable Environment clubs cleaned up the beach in Chalan Kanoa and one of the pocket beaches in Dandan. On Sunday, Friends of the Mariana Islands cleaned up Dandan Road. The Lion's Club was also out this weekend cleaning up their adopted spot along Beach Road (sorry, I forgot if that was Saturday or Sunday).

There will be a Parks & Trails meeting this Thursday at 1 PM. The meeting is in the USDA Conference Room, on the first floor of the DY Buidling in Garapan on Beach Road. If you have questions, please contact Ken Kramer, RC&D Coordinator, at 236-0893.

This Saturday we should be planting the last of our Flame Trees...I just don't know where yet.

This Sunday we will be in the Garapan Tourist District. Our cleanup meets at the AMP Parking lot and begins at 8 AM.

Have a great week!


I didn't delete you

I cut the number of goal leaders displayed down to the top 5. If you are not in the top 5, you will not be displayed. If you want to be in the top 5, score more goals.

After the seasons end, I will only display the top 3.

...because this is my Unofficial Blog and I can do whatever I want, so there.



Top of the table leaders, Fiesta Inter, finished their Northern Mariana Islands Football Association Summer Men's League season by routing the Bangladeshi Sports Club, 6 to 1, Sunday afternoon at Oleai Sports Complex. In the second match, FC Arirang made a strong move to join Fiesta Inter in the Championship match by besting an improved Wild Bill's squad, 3 to 2.

Led by three goals from Masatoshi Otsuka and a pair from Peter Houk, Fiesta
Inter completed an unbeaten regular season. Arkie Reusora had the final tally for Fiesta. Jahangir Hossein found the net for BSC.

With the win, Fiesta Inter becomes the first team to book a place in the Tapachao Derby Championship Match Sunday September 9th at 430pm at Oleai Sports Complex.

In the second match, FC Arirang got past Wild Bill's, 3 to 2, needing two late scores to move into sole possession of second place in the standings. They will round out the championship match pairing with a tie or win in their final match next weekend.

After FC Arirang opened the scoring with a goal by Sun Sik Jang at the 22' mark, Ben Wood of Wild Bill's tied the score, 1 to 1, before halftime. Jetsada Phonsutjit put Wild Bill's ahead with a score at the 61' and Wild Bill's was poised for the upset of the veteran Korean club.

FC Arirang came back in the final minutes with a superb header finish by Choi Yoon Won and the winner by Kim Min Ki with only two minutes remaining to secure the victory.

Next week's match will be on Sunday September 2nd at Oleai Sports Complex with BSC and Wild Bill's playing at 2:30 PM and FC Arirang taking on PTI at 4:30 PM. This will complete the regular season.

The championship matches will be Sunday September 9th with the 3rd and 4th place squads squaring off at 2:30 PM and the Tapachao Derby Championship Match featuring the undefeated Fiesta Inter and the second place club at 4:30 PM. These matches will be at Oleai Sports Complex.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

An Emotional Series of Men's games today.

Spirits ran high in the men's tournament today! The Drama of Football was in full effect at the Ada Pitch. This picture about sums it up....actually if there was a yellow card being distributed to a player throwing a temper tantrum in the background (rather than Yosh putting his arm around Masa) then it would sum up today...

I know it's a bit redundant since I already posted it on my blog but this really is a great picture. And yes, that is duct tape on his head and blood on his shirt.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Pika Raiders 2, Taya Talent 0

Emotions were flying high in this game, particularly among the men from both teams.
In the words of the women from team Fiesta Fuerza, "You have to want it to win!"-- and both teams wanted it bad. After several shots on goal, many of which were inches from the goal line, Pika and Taya went into the second half 0-0.

Patty Coleman hit a well-timed, in-the-air pass from rookie player Sean in the net. Taya's goalie, Pete, caught some of the ball, but because of too much spin, the ball found the back of the net. Despite Taya's demolition doctor duo defense (David Khorram and Daniel Lamar), minutes later Morgan Rose hit in a right-footed blast that floated safely in goal.

Next week, it's Taya vs. Wild Bill's and Pika vs. Pirates. Go co-ed league!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

19 Named to NMI Women's All-Stars

By Roselyn B. Monroyo
Variety News Staff

NMI soccer coach Jason Higgins has named the commonwealth’s Women’s All-Star Team that will compete against Guam in an exhibition match on Labor Day here.

Making the team were Nikki Gabaldon, Divya Sharma, Zoe Jewell, Madison Smith, Becca Newman, Roxie Lamar, Allison Livingston, Lindsay Davis, Emily Gries, Tomoko Kawakata, Nicole LeBlanc, Patty Coleman, Francine Sablan, D’Lonsool, Jenny Linden, Erica Olopai, Morgan Rose, Brenda Schultz and Ashley Hofschneider. One more player will be named to the team later.

Higgins held tryouts for the NMI Women’s All-Stars last Thursday and Friday at the CPA Field and liked what he saw during the trials.

“I’m happy with the turnout of the tryouts and I am especially please that some high school students showed up. Two high school girls made the team and I look forward to working with them in the next two weeks,” Higgins said.

Smith and Jewell of Saipan International School were the two high school students who made the team.

“The team needs a lot of polishing, but there is some raw talent. They need to work on basic skills and that is one of my main focuses, as well as individual and team defense. Their best attribute though is their willingness to learn,” Higgins said.
“I want to have a team that is willing to try and play a skillful style of football and also display solid defending characteristics,” he added.

The NMI female strikers will challenge the Guam team which is composed of several members of its national team and players from other soccer clubs on Saipan’s neighboring island.

This will be the second time that the NMI will be facing Guam female strikers.
In April this year, the NMI Women’s National Team collided with Guam’s National Squad in the inaugural Marianas Football Cup at the GFA Complex and Training Facility Field in Harmon.

The host shut out the NMI bets, 9-0.

Zoe is in junior high. Madison, Erica, and Ashley are high school students. Go All-Stars!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dates for Men's National Team Tryouts Announced

Do you want to be the next Brad Ruszala?

Tryouts for the next Men's National Team will start on September 17 and will continue for two weeks. All tryouts will be held at the CPA Airport Field.

Tryouts will be six days long, on September 17, 20, 21, 24, 27, and 28 from 5-7 PM.

Dread Pirates 2, Wild Bill's 1

The Pirates and Wild Bill's fought through a terrential rain storm to determine the winner of this game. They entered the second half in 0-0 draw.

Wild Bill's Steve McKagan scored first, but the Pirates answered back within minutes, with Bruce Berline (of all people) scoring on a header and Masa scoring on a free kick.

The Pirates are pretty much assured first place now, unless the Pika Raiders can manage to defeat them next week.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Three way tie for second place

Half way through the NMIFA Summer Men's League, Fiesta Inter has a commanding lead against all the other teams with a 3-0 record.


(Just kidding. We all love you, Dale.)

Wild Bill's, FC Arirang, and the Bangladeshi Sports Club all have a 1-1 record, while PTI is in last place with a 0-3 record.

Next week's games should be interesting. Fiesta Inter will play their final game of the season against the Bangladeshi Sports Club (they have a bye in the final week) and Wild Bill's will play FC Arirang (unless BSC defeats Fiesta Inter, this game will probably determine second place).

BSC defeated Fiesta Inter in the final game of the Saipan Scramble tournament two weeks ago and Wild Bill's tied FC Arirang when they faced each other during last week's Korean Association Football Tournament.


The summer slate of games resumed for the Northern Mariana Football Association Men's League on Sunday with two matches at Oleai Sports Complex. Fiesta Inter cruised to their thrid straight win as they took out Wild Bill's, 3 to 0. The Bangladeshi Sports Club won the other contest with a 4 to 1 victory against PTI.

Arkie Reusora started the scoring for Fiesta Inter with a goal in the 22'. Fiesta added two more scores after the break with Koichiro Nakamura finding the back of the net from long range at 48' and Masatoshi Otsuka completing a penalty kick at the 80' mark to wrap up the scoring. MD "Mafi" Islam anchored the goalkeeping duties for Fiesta with another strong game.

Fiesta Inter sits alone at the top of the standing with nine points in their bid for the Tapachao Cup. A draw next week will ensure Fiesta Inter a place in the Championship game on September 9th.

The Bangladeshi Sports Club got their first win in the regular season with a 4 to 1 win against PTI. Leading the scoring for BSC was Jahangir Hossein with two goals. BSC enjoyed additional tallies from Li Yong Lie and Li Dong Ri.

PTI got their lone goal from Kanghyin Shin at the 55 minute. It was his second score of the season.

FC Arirang, fresh off a triumphant tournament in the Korean Football Association President's Cup last weekend, had a bye.

Next week's matches will display Fiesta Inter against BSC at 2:30 PM and FC Arirang taking on Wild Bill's at 4:30 PM. PTI will be off.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Men's League, Back in Action!

After two weeks of tournaments, the NMIFA Men's League will be back in action tomorrow afternoon. My team, The Independents, take on Fiesta Inter at 2:30 PM and PTI plays the Bangladeshi Sports Club at 4:30 PM.

Come by to cheer us on!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wild Bill's 2, Pika Raiders 1

The game was tied...until Arkie pulled off a header on a corner kick in the last few minutes of the game! grrrrr! And get this: he completed the header on his knees, eluding several Pika members who were in the box. Brad had his video cam. I'd like to see how the hell Arkie pulled that off.

Yes, friends, it will take me a few days to get over it.

Morgan Rose had a beautiful left-footed shot on goal. The ball was so rocket fast, that WB's keeper had a hard time gripping it. Perhaps the fact that he wasn't wearing gloves proved helpful for Pika. :-) Keep the goals coming ladies!

All in all, it was a fun game.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A great game!

...but we still lost.

I really enjoyed our spanking by the Dread Pirates tonight. I thought it was a well played game, and with the exception of me knocking over Linda...and Mike...and Bruce...and Bruce was a really clean game...well, and there was that time that Peter fouled Jetsada so hard that he had to be carried off the field, but no one really noticed.

The Pirates beat us 4-2. Great job, Pirates!

...and I'm glad we don't have to play you anymore.

P.S. Does anyone have the results from last Wednesday's game? Who won and who scored the goals?

P.P.S. Who scored for the pirates today?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Taya Talent 0, Wild Bill's 4

1) Take one basket:

2) Insert Ass:

3) Hand to Brad.

Monday, August 6, 2007

A great weekend of football!

The Bangladeshi Sports Club outlasted and outclassed the field today at the Saipan Scramble Masters Football Tourney at Oleai Sports Complex. The BSC squad downed Fiesta Inter in the Championship match, 1-0, on a lone goal by Saidul Islam.

The mini-tournament was held in connection with the visits of two off-island teams from Guam and Hong Kong. The two teams and their entourages numbered nearly 100 tourists. It was the first time the Northern Mariana Islands Football Association was able to bring in Masters teams for this type of event.

The Bangladeshi Sports Club were able to advance to the final match by besting Po Leung Kuk and PTI in their round robin group. PTI got its first win of the year with a tight 1-0 victory over the Hong Kong squad off a long distance direct kick by Konghyin Shin in the other match in the group play.

In the other bracket, Fiesta Inter was able to nab wins from the Guam Masters FC, 3-0, and from Wild Bill's, 1-0, to advance to the championship. Guam Masters downed Wild Bill's by a single goal, 1-0, in the other group match.

The weekend competition began in the mud on Saturday as the CNMI Women Allstars gave both visiting Master squads all they could handle at the CPA Airport Field before a large crowd. The women fell in both matches, 3-0, but impressed the opponents and crowd with their skill and fitness.

FC Arirang, the local Korean squad, also competed Saturday and drew with the visiting squads. They went scorelss with Po Leung Kuk from Hong Kong and were even with the Guam Masters FC, 1-1.

The NMI FA Men's League resumes play on Sunday August 19th with matches between Fiesta Inter at 230pm and PTI taking on the Bangladeshi Sports Club at 430pm. FC Arirang will have a bye. All matches will take place at Oleai Sports Complex.

The NMI FA Summer Adult Coed League gets back on the pitch Tuesday August 7th with the battle of the pubs as Wild Bill's tangles Porky's Gun's and Roses at 515pm. On Wednesday August 8th, the Pika Raiders will play Fiesta Pirates with a 515pm kickoff. Both matches will be at the CPA Airport Field.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Fun in The Mud!

Great Job Ladies!

The CNMI Women's All Stars Had Fun in The Mud yesterday! The women played well and had fun! Unfortunately we lost both games 3-0 but we learned a lot and took on those men!! We also loved all our fans! Thanks for your support!

Before the game

Posing with the Hong Kong Masters we are showing our muddier side
Another mud shot!

A huge thank you goes out to Jerry Tan and Vince Stravino! Jerry for the vision to bring the teams out. Vince for organizing this event which is huge! There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that few of us see just to give us the game. Vince is a volunteer with a full time job. It's amazing to me he was able to put this whole tournament on with all of it's details!! Great job Vince! I heard from the visitors that they were very impressed!

Thank you also to the VOLUNTEER referees! You guys did a great job yesterday! We don't always agree with you but we truly appreciate you! We learn more about the game through the calls you make as it ignites discussion (often we find out that we were the wrong ones). Thank you for all your selflessness!

We also enjoyed watching the Korean team play our visitors yesterday! I wish I had pictures to post of that game but I didn't know where the camera was! Sorry!

There will be much more soccer action today at Ada field beginning at 1:00! Come on down and see the local boys play the visitors!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Pika Raiders 1, Taya Talent 0

Last night was a great game!

Patty GOALman scored the games only goal off of a beautiful pass from...somebody on the other team. Doh!

The goal was Patty's second goal of the season, making her the goal leader for the women in the NMIFA Coed League.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

There was a game last night

No one is really concerned with who won.

...but Jersh and Arkie both scored goals!

There is another Coed game tonight, when Guns n Roses defeats the Pika Raiders starting at 5:15 PM at the CPA Airport Field.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Wild Bill's: Great Team or Greatest Team Ever?

From an NMIFA Press Release:

Fiesta Stays Perfect; Wild Bill's Impresses

Fiesta Inter pushed past a stubborn FC Arirang club, 3 to 1, to remain unbeaten thru the second week of the Northern Mariana Islands Football Association Men's Summer Open League yesterday at Ada Field. In the other match, Wild Bill's took the pitch for the first time and showed the talent needed to compete at the top with a rousing 7 to 1 victory over PTI.

Fiesta Inter took a 2-0 lead into the halftime with a spectacular header from Chris Guerrero at the ten minute mark and a goal from newcomer, Zhu Song Gen, in the 31st minute.

FC Arirang came back within a goal soon after the break when Chong Koo Gil found the back of the net. Masatoshi Otsuka ended the scoring for the contest with a strike at the 60th minute mark.

After being idle last week, Wild Bill's ignited for seven goals against PTI.

Jetsada Phonsutjit and Ben Wood each had a pair of goals and Chris McKagan and Jason Schroeder each chipped in one a piece. PTI enjoyed a early goal from Kanghyin Shin and suffered an own goal late in the match to complete the scoring.

Next week will showcase two visiting Over-35 Master teams from Hong Kong and Guam in a series of matches on Saturday August 4th with the Women's Allstar Team and FC Arirang and the Saipan Scramble Tourney on Sunday August 5th.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Women All Stars Named

Captain: Morgan Rose
Captain: Brenda Schultz
Alleny Tenorio
Lovelle D'Lonsod
Tara Kenny
Nicolette Seckeler
Lindsay Davis
Patty Coleman
Vince Asanuma
Tawny Barcinas
Zoe Jewel
Divya Sharma
Francine Sablan
Cathy Anderson
Roxie Lamar
Nikki Gabaldon
Maria Ornes
ThinThin Conlon
Becca Newman
Emily Gries
Noi Horey
EJ Lee

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wild Bills and Pirates match up on Tuesday/ Taya and Pika match up on Wednesday

Tuesday night's 5:15 game at Airport is sure to be interesting. The last time Wild Bill's took on the Fiesta Pirates, Wild Bill's came out ahead by 1 goal.

The Pirates will still be looking to pillage the pitch without the help of Divya "The Destroyer" Sharma and Michael Thomas. Mafi's status is still with question. The fitness of Dale "Dread Pirate" and Maria "The Warrior" Ornes is still up in the air for the match as well. Wild Bill's will be without the talent of Wesley Bogdan on the field but they have rounded up some of their teammates for this rodeo of sorts. Joining Wild Bills on the field will be Lindsay "high scoring" Davis and none other than Jerry Tan! The question is...will Becca "The Wall" Newman be back for this game or not...

Wednesday nights adventure in COED soccer continues as Taya Talent plays Pika Raiders. These two teams tied last time and share a brother and sister like rivalry. Taya will be without the help of Newcomer Evan and possibly Tara as well as high scorer Chris Nelson. Pika Raiders will be without Dr. Allison "Hard Core" Livingston.

Game on! Have fun!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm seeing yellow!!!

This week was full of firsts!
During the Pika Raiders verses Wild Bill's game, Patty Coleman started the whole thing off by FINALLY getting women on the score board for COED soccer! Next year we have to try and keep track of assists too. She kicked one in for Pika off a beautiful assist from Morgan Rose. Way to go Patty!!!
Another first this week was John Ravell as Center referee during the Taya Talent and Pirate game. This was his first time at center. Thanks to people like him who come out and give up their free time we get well organized games. I have tried to referee before and I am telling you that it is a lot harder than it looks. John did a great job! He kept composure, had a great sense of humor and maintained professionalism.
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Last but not least we had our first yellow cards of COED soccer. Two players received these cards for fouls. One for Taya Talent and one for Pirates. The crowd could not help noticing that the yellow cards did bear a close resemblance to green but we all understood that they were yellow. Where are the green cards?

Play hard, play well, and love the game!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pirates Suck

In the second half EJ made a beautiful pass to Evan, who went on to score a goal.

We're not going to talk about the rest of the game.

Go Taya Talent!

East Asian Football Federation places Two in Semi-Finals of 2007 Asian Cup!

The East Asian Football Federation (of which the Northern Mariana Islands is a member) saw two of its most powerful squads emerge into the semi-fianls of the Asian Cup 2007 over the past week.

Japan got thru their group play and nudged Australia out in one quarter-finals with a 1-1, (4-3 PK) victory. This avenges the JFA loss to the Socceroos in last summer's World Cup in Germany. This marks the Australians first contest in the Asian Football Congress. Previously, they had been part of Oceania in the FIFA world.

Japan will play Saudia Arabia tonight in one semi-final at 20:20 local time in Hanoi, Vietnam. The Saudis defeated Uzbekistan, 2-1, in their semi-final.

South Korea is also in the semi-finals after surviving their group and defeating powerful Iran (0-0, 4-2 PK). They will face surprise semi-finalist, Iraq, in the other semi-fianl tonight in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 18:20 local time.

Go EAFF! Good luck in the semi-fianls!

Taya Talent takes on Fiesta Pirates tonight!

That's all I'm saying.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wild Bill's 4, Pika Raiders 1

I was hoping for a Pika Raiders win tonight, but it didn't happen.

Dang it!

Even though the final score was 4-1, Wild Bill's scored two of their goals pretty late in the game. Most of the game was a pretty close matchup. Pika Raiders just sloppy and tired in the end.

Jason Schroeder scored the first two goals of the game. Pattie Coleman answered back with a goal for Pika Raiders to make it 2-1 at the half.

The two teams went back and forth for most of the second half, but Arkie and Jersh eventually found the back of the net.

Tomorrow's game is Guns n Roses Taya Talent vs. the Dread Pirates at 5:15 PM at CPA Airport Field.

Monday, July 23, 2007

NMIFA in the News

The women are looking for some players:

Saipan Tribune, Monday, July 23, 2007

Women's national team needs new members
By Jon Perez

The CNMI National Women’s Football Team is looking for additional members that would complete their roster in time for next month's tune-up games against off-island teams.

Co-captains Morgan Rose and Brenda Schultz is calling on all interested female players to join in an eight-day tryout, which started last Saturday at the Commonwealth Ports Authority Field.

Schultz and Rose are forming a Women's All-Star team to play in a tune-up match between local and off-island men's teams on Aug. 4 and 5.

A men's 35-and-over team from Hong Kong will be arriving on Aug. 3 to play several goodwill matches against local squads.

The CNMI All-Stars co-captains of the women's team wanted to take this opportunity to hone their skills by going up against the Hong Kong squad.

Nationality and age will not be a factor for selection and the co-captains only need for those who wish to try out is being fearless and their dedication.

Only six slots are left in the All-Star women's squad. The practice/training sessions, which started at 8am on Saturday, will be held at the Airport Field.

The schedule of the tryouts from Sunday to Thursday is 5pm, while sessions start at 8am every Saturday. The tryout will run from July 21 to 24, July 28 to 30, and Aug. 2.

Early this year, the CNMI women's team played against the Guam National Women’s squad in the inaugural Marianas Cup, which served as a preparation of the Guam women’s for the East Asian Football Federation Women’s Championship.

The CNMI has also met the Guam women’s team in several friendly tournaments.
The Northern Mariana Island Football Association credits Marcos Alonso for starting the women’s program. NMIFA has twice organized a Women's League, which is one of their programs of promoting the sport in the CNMI.

NMIFA also organizes the men's, youth, and co-ed leagues.

Men's League, Week 1 Photos

The Korean Football Club and the Bangladeshi Sports Club opened up this year's Men's League.

The score was still 0-0 at the half. KFC scored twice in the second half, once off a cross and once on the rebound from a penalty kick.

The Bangladeshi Sports Club had multiple chances to score in the second half, but couldn't put the ball in the back of the net.

I hope we don't have to play too many 2:30 PM games. It was frickin' hot.

The second game between Fiesta Inter and PTI was a total blowout, which Fiesta Inter winning 8-2. It looked like it was going to be an even match.

Fiesta scored first, followed by PTI a few minutes later. They went into the half with Inter up by only 3-1.

Then Inter scored three goals in the first few minutes of the second half. PTI pretty much gave up after that.

Brad RuszalaA few of us watched the game from behind the Ada Field fence. This allowed us to BBQ and enjoy adult beverages. The fence also put a physical barrier between us and the players, allowing us to heckle them.

NMIFA Press Release: Men's League, Week 1


Matsatoshi Otsuka netted a hatrick in leading Fiesta Inter to a convincing win over PTI, 8-2, in the opening weekend of the Northern Mariana Islands Football Association Summer Men's League. In the other match, the Korean Football Club got past the Bangladeshi Sports Club, 2-0, in a tight contest at Oleai Sports Complex.

Otsuka scored in the tenth, 42nd and 46th minute to grab his natural hatrick to lead perrenial stalwart to a convincing win over the PTI club. Arkie Reusora had a pair of goals and the Duenas clan contributed a pair with John connecting on a golaza at the 49th minute and Jose nabbing another at the 80th mark. PTI was paced by a score each by Amrit Limbu and Tej Gurung.

The opening match was a tight affair with the KFC wearing down the Bangladeshi club, 2-0. Seung Bak Kim cemented his place as the most veteran scorer in the NMI FA Men's League books with a clean volley at the 62nd minute. Veteran star, Eui Suk Ko, bagged another off a saved penalty kick at the 69th minute to push the Korean Football Association into the win column.

Next week's contests feature KFC vs Fiesta Inter at 2:30 PM. The second match will be PTI taking on the idle Independents at 4:30 PM. Both matches will be at Oleai Sports Complex next Sunday. The Bangladeshi Sports Club will have a bye.


________1st 2nd Final
Bangladeshi Sports Club 0 0 0
Korean Football Club 0 2 2

Goals: KFC (Kim, 62; Ko, 69)
Cautions: BSC (Jahangir Hossein, 75,dissent)
Officals: Bogdan, Anderson, Ravell, Lo

________1st 2nd Final
Fiesta Inter 3 5 8
PTI 1 1 2

Goals: FI (Otsuka, 10, 42, 46; Reusora 40, 56; John Duenas, 49; Jose Duenas, 80), PTI (Limbu, 19; Own Goal, 47, Gurung, 89)
Cautions: PTI (Tej Gurung, 79, tripping)
Officials: Smith, Schultz, Ravell, Lo


__________________W D L GF GA GD
Fiesta Inter.................1 0 0 8 2 +6
Korean Football Club.........1 0 0 2 0 +2
Independents.................0 0 0 0 0 0
Bangladeshi Sports Club......0 0 1 0 2 -2
Pacific Telecom Inc..........0 0 1 2 8 -6


Sunday, July 22, 2007

LA Galaxy VS Chelsea Live Feed Ch. 6

Good morning Saipan. LA Galaxy Vs. Chelsea is being broadcast LIVE on channel 6 this morning at 10:30. Sorry for the late notice. The pregame show is already on. Enjoy!

Also don't forget to come out and watch our local men play at Ada gym field for the season opener! The first game is Korean Football Club vs Bangladeshi Sports Club at 2:30 and the second game is Fiesta Inter vs Pacific Telecom at 4:30! I love today!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Looking For A Few Good Women


Captain Brenda and Captain Morgan are forming a women's All Star Squad to play the weekend of August 4th and 5th. We will be playing men's teams from Hong Kong and the CNMI. Their teams will be composed of men 35 and over (Master's Division). The women will not have any Nationality or Age requirements. They just need to be dedicated and fearless! Come join us for try-outs. There will be about 6 spots available on the roster to fill.

Please pass this information on to the women players you know.

Practice will be at:

CPA Field
Saturday July 21st 8AM
Sunday July 22nd 5PM
Monday July 23rd 5PM
Thursday July 24th 5PM
Saturday July28th 8AM
Sunday July 29th 5PM
Monday July 30th 5PM
Thursday August 2nd 5PM
Tournament August 3rd and 4th

NMIFA in the News

This was in the Saipan Tribune today:

Korea-Bangladesh tiff to kick off men's football league
By Jon Perez

It will be Korea versus Bangladesh in the opener of the Men's Summer Open League Tapochao Derby, which kicks off its hostilities on Sunday at the Oleai Football Field inside the Susupe Sports Complex.

The Korean Football Association will face the Bangladeshi Sports Club in the 2:30pm first game followed by the 4:30pm match between Fiesta Inter and Pacific Telecom Inc.

All games will be held at the Oleai Sports Complex unless there is a sudden change of venue, which the organizers will notify the competing teams before the scheduled date of their match.

Two games will be played every Sunday with one team earning a bye. Standings will be kept where each team earns points based on the number of goals and their wins.

An intra-island derby between the top two teams after the season will be held to determine the champion of the season. Schedule of all matches are pending at this time but games will run from July 22 to mid September.

The Independents, the fifth team in the Northern Mariana Islands Football Association-organized league, will be on a bye and will play against PTI on July 29.

The KFA will open up the July 29 games when they take on Fiesta Inter at 2:30pm.

The league format will have each team earning three points for every win, one point for a draw, and no points for a loss.

In an event that two teams have the same number of points after the regular season, organizers will follow four ways of breaking the tie for the Tapochao derby.

NMIFA director Vince Stravino said they will break the tie based on goal differential for the whole season, total goals for the season, head to head outcome, and through a coin toss.

The league was originally scheduled to open on July 15, but organizers decided to reschedule the opening to give teams more time to prepare and complete their respective rosters.

The registration fee for players is $20 and each player is also required to provide their own shin guards for the games.

Stravino added players are also required to obtain photo identification from Quick Print along Middle Road in Garapan after they register. The cost of the photo identification is $5 and the identification card is a requirement for a player to participate in the game.

This will be the second men's soccer league after NMIFA opened the inaugural competition in November last year. A total of eight teams competed in the inaugural men's league where L&S Kyung/Seung defeated Real Mariana in the finals of the Marcos Alonso Cup.

After the league opening on Sunday, there will only be one more schedule, on July 29, before the games take a brief break to give way to tune-up matches against masters 35-and-up teams from Guam and Hong Kong.

The off-island teams will be on Saipan on Aug. 4 and 5 and will play against several local teams on island. The matches will not count in the standings for the Tapochao Derby and games will be held at the Oleai and Airport fields.

The final schedule, with the times, and format for the two-day tune-up games will be announced in a later date.

For more information, email Stravino at