Monday, August 24, 2009

Pickup Games

There are pickup games played every Tuesday and Friday at Navy Hill at 5:00 PM.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Day Weenie Roast Coed Soccer Tournament

The idea has only been around for about 10 minutes, but so far two people have committed to play soccer in the First Annual Memorial Day Weenie Roast Coed Soccer Tournament on Navy HIll. That's Steve McKagan and me! One more person and we have half the amount of people we need to play 3 vs 3!

Here's the deal:

Plan to show up at Navy Hill before noon. I'll bring the fire and the condiments. I also have a cooler, tables, and chairs. Somebody else will volunteer to bring ice, napkins, plates, and whatever else is needed for a BBQ.

We'll start playing soccer right away. The entrance fee for the tournament will be a pack of hot dogs, a six pack of drinks, or something else to share with everyone. If you can't do that, just show up anyway.

It might be a little hot for those first few games, but who cares? The hospital is right down the street!

Let me know if you want to play so we can plan.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Goalie Clinic

Dear Football Club/ Coed League organizers, Youth / Interscholastic/ Men's/ Women's Com chair/ director and National Team Players

I am happy to inform you that Goalkeeper's Clinic schedule has been finalized as below.

( A ) May 31 ( Sun ) 9:00 -11:00 CPA Field
( B ) May 31 ( Sun ) 15:00 -17:00 CPA Field

Above ( A ) and ( B ) are targeted for 15 years and over, men and women including national team player.
Coaches and Coed players are also welcome to participate.
( A ) and ( B ) consists of different programs, so, best to participate both.

( C ) June 2 ( Tue ) 16:30 -18:30 Garapan Elementary School
( D ) June 3 ( Wed ) 16:30 - 18:30 Garapan Elementary School

Above ( C ) and ( D ) are targeted for MP United, Matanza and TanHoldings
players under 15 years old. Coaches from each clubs are also welcome.
( C ) and ( D ) consists of different programs, so, best to participate both.
P.E. teachers from schools are also welcome.

( E ) June 4 ( Thu ) 16:30 -18:30 San Vicente Elementary School
( F ) June 5 ( Fri ) 16:30 - 18:30 San Vicente Elementary School

Above ( E ) and ( F ) are targeted for IFC and Paire players under 15 years old.
Coaches from each clubs are also welcome.
( E ) and ( F ) consists of different programs, so, best to participate both.
P.E. teachers from schools are also welcome.

The coach's name is Mr. Masahiko Ashikawa.
He has played as a goalkeeper in Toyota Football Club ( Japan Football League ).
Below are his profile.
1993-1994 & 2004-2008 Nagoya Grampus Eight ( J.League Division 1) Pro Team Goalkeeper Coach
1995-2003 Jef United Ichihara ( J. League Division 1) Pro Team Goalkeeper Coach and Youth Team Goalkeeper Coach

Kindly spread the word and confirm attendance by May 13th.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to send them to me.

Thank you.


Monday, April 20, 2009


Northern Marianas Island Football Association (NMIFA) moves to strengthen and expand its pool of referees with a two weekend referee certification course in May 2009 by FIFA FUTURO certified instructor George Stewart.

The EAFF Referee 3 Certification Course will be conducted May 1-3 and May 8-9, 2009, qualifying those who pass to referee in any NMIFA-sanctioned match where the requirement for that match does not exceed that level of referee.

"As a new addition to our semi-annual Basic Referee Training Course, this aCertified Class 3 NMIFA Referee training specifically targets individuals who are interested in officiating for high school leagues or older," said NMIFA Referee Chairman Dean Tenorio.

The training is open to all interested individuals with or without experience age 16 and up, although trained referees ages 14-15 who have some experience are also invited. The training schedule will be:

May 1: 6PM to 9PM Classroom (NMIFA office)

May 2: 9AM to 1130AM field work; 1PM to 5PM Classroom
May 3: 9AM to 1130AM field work; 1PM to 5PM Classroom

May 8: 6PM to 9PM Classroom
May 9: 9AM to 1130AM field work; 1PM to 5PM Classroom
May 10: 7:30AM to 10AM Physical Test; 1PM to 4PM Written Test and Certification Presentation

A mandatory fitness test will take place May 10 at 7:30 a.m., rain or shine. The beep test will consist of two 40 meter sprints (7 seconds Male/7.2 seconds female) and five laps around the 400 meter track consisting of 150 meter run followed by 50 meter walk (150 meter run in 50 seconds male/60 seconds female and 50 meter walk in 50 seconds male and female).

Stewart is also Director of Referees and Head Referee Instructor for Guam Football Association. He was appointed to conduct the course by the East Asian Football Federation based on his certification from the FIFA FUTURO Referee Instructor Course, the FIFA FUTURO Referee Instructors Refresher Course, and the JFA International Referee Instructors Course.

"The NMIFA Referee Committee supports the many football leagues we have throughout the year by training interested youth, parents, teachers and other individuals to officiate games," said Tenorio. "Having trained referees is an important part of making the game more enjoyable for everyone and improving professionalism, and we look forward to a strong turnout at this training."

To register, contact the NMIFA Referee Chair Dean Tenorio at, NMIFA Referee Director Vanesa Pritchard at, or call/visit the NMIFA Office at 235-0173.3rd Floor TSL Bldg. Garapan

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Spring Coed Soccer Update

Our Coed Soccer Coordinator, Dr. David Khorram, has sent out the latest update.
Man, I think a person needs a degree in probability and statistics to get all these combinations together! My brain got kinda foggy doing this, but it looks like it all came together.

We have about 60 players, so all teams have 14-15 people, with equal distribution of men and women, and pretty even distribution of skill level, and miraculously, all teams have an average age of 35 years. Each team has two A players who, along with the B players, will help guide the C and D players along. If you were a member of a group that was requesting to all be together, it worked insofar as I was able to keep clusters of you together, but the teams would have been too warped in terms of skill levels to keep the entire groups together. I was able to get everyone on a team with people they know.

There are four teams. I'm assigning each a letter for now, and a team coordinator, who will organize the team. I chose the coordinators fairly randomly, so if you're not an organizer type, and you've been designated as such, get someone else to do it, and let me know who it is. The role of this person is just to get things going. Identify a couple of experienced players to serve as co-captains during the games.

I was going to try to do most of this stuff, but I'm overwhelmed by all the organization involved, and so I'm asking the teams to share in taking care of the details.

Each team will collect it's own registration forms, liability release forms (this one is important - it protects us all from suing each other if we get hurt), and team dues. Liability insurance would have covered us against losses if a "third party" -- a spectator -- got hurt. Since it would have added an extra $15 to the cost, and the risk is low, I decided to skip it. So the dues are only $15. About $8 will go towards your shirts, and the rest will go towards paint to line the field ($35 per week), and a small amount to pay refs ($10 per week). If you gave your registration form and $ to me, I'll pass it on to the team (and the few people that have already paid will be getting $10 back).

Teams will be responsible for the following:
1. Ordering your shirts. I'll set it up with Island Apparel, but you need to get the sizes and numbers finalized and take them down to the shirt place with the money to get them ordered. I"ll send the spreadsheets out later this week.
2. Collecting the dues and forms.
3. Assigning a responsible and trustworthy person on the team to manage the funds.
4. The home team will always be responsible for arranging and paying the referee. Coordinate this with Dean Tenorio who can connect you to the refs.
5. The Monday home team will be responsible for lining the field each week. I'm told ACE Hardware has special cans of spray paint available that spray upside-down. They cost about $6-$8.50 per can, and it takes about 5 cans to line a field. Have one of the A-players help with this the first time. After that, there should be lines visible that just need to be highlighted each week.

The season is 10 weeks long, starting on February 9. Games start at 5:15 PM sharp. WIth 15 players per team, there may be difficulty at times fielding 11 players. If so, just play 9x9 or 7x7 or whatever works. We're here to play and have a good time. Each team plays once a week, and if you can get together another time for a practice, it makes the games more fun.

I'll get the rules and the schedule out this week.

Here are the teams. Coordinators, please get in touch with your team members. If you can't figure out their email from the names above, then send me an email and I'll get the particular email address to you. I'm attaching the registration form and the release of liability form again for those who haven't turned them in already. Take them to the field next week to your team coordinator, along with your $15.

A - Green Team
Rob Epley - Coordinator
Allen Mijares
John Duenas
Michael Deary
Albert Dean
Rob Jordan
Jaime Saiki
Peter Prestley
Linda Anastacio
Louise Oakley
Abi Robinson
Autumn Breechler
Jennifer Lesosek
Veronica Saures

B - Blue Team
Jeff Elliott - Coordinator
Jersh Angeles
Mike Hall
Greg Elliott
David Khorram
Mara Khorram
Kevin Carey
Mieko Carey
Rebekah Yost
Hee Jae Lee
Jimmy Pua
Daniel Lamar
Sami Birmingham-Babauta
Summer Palacios
Amanda Armstrong

C -- Red Team
Dean Tenorio - Coordinator
Jerry Tan
Jung Gon Jun
Fran Castro
Catherine Anderson
Ken Imaya
Laura WIlliams
Krista Hawley
Rob Schultz
Jing Hui
Meihua Rengiil
Mark Robles
Becky Covarrubius
Hazel Tudela

D -- Yellow Team
Maria Orness - Coordinator
Glenn Smith
Angelo VIllagomez
Laurie Peterka
Rachel Rounds
Peter Bosner
Glenn Jewel
Jeff Warfield
Scott Hayden
Adam Miles
Jennifer Backhaus
Tawny Barcinas
Ericka Frink
Rachelle Miles
Kathleen Herrmann

With best regards,

If you are still interested in playing in this league, contact us at