Wednesday, October 24, 2007

women of the game

This year we are trying something new. The women take responsibility for Stats: The statisticians for each game choose an offensive player and a defensive player per game. I submit this to the press however, I have been informed that they have not all been getting in the paper sooooo here they are! Brought to you by our rotating statisticians. Keep checking back for more updates!

10-13-07 1st game
Wild Bill's VS PIC
Wild Bill's OPOTG: Lindsay Davis
Wild Bill's DPATG: Nikki Gabaldon
PIC's OPOTG: Brenda Schultz
PIC's DPOTG: Divya Sharma

2nd game
Smith's VS Marianas Eye
Smith's OPOTG: Rhonda Camacho
Smith's DPOTG: Maria Ornes
Marianas Eye OPOTG: Toi Smith
Marianas Eye DPOTG TeMary Gramlich

1st game
Marianas Eye VS PIC
Marianas Eye OPOTG: Morgan Rose
Marianas Eye DPOTG: Leanne Loan
PIC OPOTG: Meaghan Hassel-Shearer
PIC DPOTG: Nicolette Seckeler

2nd Game
Jason's Minions VS Smiths
Minions OPOTG: Bradley Brostrom
Minions DPOTG: Amber Roberts
Smith's OPOTG: Maryana Gramlich
Smith's DPOTG: Maria Ornes

1st game: Smith's VS PIC
Smith's OPOTG: Lovelle D'Lonsol
Smith's DPOTG: Katie Busenkell
PIC's OPOTG: Kathy Pagapular
PIC's DPOTG: Jenny Linden

2nd game:
Jason's Mimion's VS Wild Bills
Minions OPOTG: Zoe Jewell
Minions DPOTG: Amber Roberts
Wild Bill's OPOTG: Connie Camacho
Wild Bill's DPOTG: Nikki Gabaldon

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