Saturday, June 28, 2008


I know some of your are reading this. Do you know that you can leave comments?

...comments trash talking the other teams even!

...or supportive comments telling the other players how good they are...

...but trash talking is way better!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Next Week's Games

Next week Deaniacs will challenge GMF on Tuesday. These two teams are at the bottom of the standings. Cathy Anderson is the referee.

Devils Advocates will challenge Captain Morgans on Wednesday. Both teams are tied for third place. The winner of this game will move into third and possibly second place. Arkie is the referee.

Gil Fever will challenge Sureshank on Thursday. The winner of this game will move into first place, as these teams are currently first and second, respectively. Glen Smith is the referee.

The Coed Summer League is a non-competitive league. While results and goals are tallied, the number one rule of this league is to have fun.

Deaniacs vs Gil Fever

I didn't watch the game, but Gil Fever took down the Deaniacs 3-2. Jason Schroeder and Jack Thethaiguy were the scorers for Gil Fever. Schroeder scored once and Thethaiguy scored twice.

On the Deaniacs side Masa Otsuka and Jersh Angeles scored.

At the end of two weeks of play, Gil Fever sits atop the rankings with a record of 2-0 and six points. Sureshanks is in second with a win and a tie, good for four points. Devils Advocates and Captain Morgans are tied for third with six points apiece.

Jack Thethaiguy currently leads in the Golden Boot category with 4 goals, while Pattie Coleman leads in the woman's category as the only woman to score so far this season.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

GMF vs Devils Advocates

Angelo Villagomez' helped his team Devils Advocates skadoosh Greg and Mel Borja's GMF last night.

Devils Advocates drew blood in the early minutes of the game with new draftee Pattie "I've got three kids" Coleman scoring off a near perfect pass from Jessie P. Villagomez added to the goal total with a looper from 25 yards out that was too much for keeper Greg Borja to handle.

The score was 2-0 at the restart. Despite some valiant efforts by CNMI National Men's Team starters Brad Ruszala and Dan Westfal, GMF was unable to score.

The game ended 2-0.

Pattie Coleman was the first woman in the league to score a goal. She sits alone in the Golden Boot standings. Villagomez joins the pool of 9 male players who have scored a single goal in the league. Rob Jordan, Jessie P, and Jack Thethaiguy currently share the Golden Boot title with 2 goals a piece.

Tonight's game features the undefeated Gil Fever vs the winless Deaniacs.

Not that I'm partial....but go Deaniacs!!!

Sureshanks vs Captain Morgans

A star was born in Tuesday game pitting Steve Mckagan's Sureshanks vs Dave Loan's Captain Morgans.

The teams were evenly matched through 35 minutes of play, with neither team managing to find the back of the net. First time soccer player Rob Jordan came into the second half determined to win it for his team.

He nailed two shots in the second half, both on fast breaks, leaving the defenders in the dust.

Sureshanks defeated Captain Morgans 2-0 and Rob Jordan is now tied for the Golden Boot with Jack and Jessie.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sureshanks vs GMF

The first meeting of Sureshanks and GMF resulted in a 2-2 draw. Steve McKagan and Tyce Mister found the back of the net for the Sureshanks and Dan Westfall and Daniel Macario scored for GMF.

After one week of play, Gil Fever and Captain Morgans are tied for 1st, Sureshanks and GMF are tied for third, and Devils Advocates and Deaniacs are tied for fifth.

The Thai duo of Jesse Phonsutjit and Jack Thethaiguy are leading in the Men's Golden Boot competition with two goals apiece. The women have yet to score, so everyone in the league is tied for first place!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coed Standings

I'll keep this as up to date as possible. At the end of the season the top two teams will play each other for first place.
TeamRecordGoal Diff.Points
Gil Fever4-1-1+413
Captain Morgans3-1-2
Devil's Advocates3-3-1

Team 1 vs Team 6

Team 6 won their first game against Team 1 by a score of 3-1.

Can you guys come up with team names, please?

Allen Mijares, Tiger Lee, and Zach Posner scored for Team 6. Brenda Schultz scored for Team 1, but since see plays for another team, her goal won't count towards the Golden Boot award.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Devil's Advocats 2 - Gil Fever 3

Dang it.  We lost 3-2.

Kudos to Jessie for scoring both of our goals and to Jason who scored once and Jack who scored twice for Gil Fever.

It was a great first game.

There are games tonight and tomorrow at 5:15 PM.  Come on out and cheer us on!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Still Looking for Women

49 women and 61 men have signed up for the NMIFA Co-ed Summer League. Are there 10 women out there interested in playing?

Call me at 285-6462 or email me at nmifacoed at gmail dot com.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Game 2

Team 3 played one hell of a game versus Team 4 today.

Team names are coming, relax...

This was the second day of pre-season scrimmage games. I had a front row seat because I was the center referee.

Team 4 came out of the starting blocks with all cylinders firing. They scored in the 7th, 12th, and 17th minute to end the first half with a score of 3-0.

Team 3 didn't give up though. Part time actor/elementary school teacher Peter Loken put on his special second half boots to score three goals in the second half, tying it up at 3-3.

It looked like the game was going to end in a tie, but the referee (me) made a bad call with minutes to go. He thought he saw a hand ball in the box (most every one on and off the field agreed that it was a bad call) and game team 4 a penalty kick, which they easily slipped into the goal.

The game ended minutes later.

Player of the game bragging rights go to Tyce Mister, who managed to get a yellow card in the first minute of the game. Congrats, Mister Mister!

Peter Loken scored all three goals for Team 3, of which he isn't even a member.

Jack Thethaiguywithanamereallyhardtopronounce ,Jersh Angeles, Nong Ikickedangelointheanklelastyearanditstillhurts, and Gil "the Cal Ripken of Godfathers" Birnbrich scored one a piece for Team 4. This was Gil's first game with NMIFA. He recieved a $100 bonus from everyone's favorite 2003 Canadian Moose Call Contest Champion for his feat.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Game 1

If there was a player of the game, it would have to be Julian Fitial. Julian scored a goal in the second half. It was his first time playing soccer.

Team 1, captained by Meaghan and Angelo, defeated Team 2, captained by Dean and Dora, by a score of 3-1. In addition to Julian's goal, Angelo scored twice for Team 1, and Peter Houk found the back of the net for Team 2.

This game was a scrimmage, so the result and the goals scored will not count towards the points total or the Golden Boot title.

Co-ed League Rules

COED Rules:

  1. Have fun. This is a recreational league. The goal of the league is to play, win or lose, and for everyone, regardless of skill level, to have fun.
  2. All 17 FIFA laws will apply to the league.
  3. Games begin at 5:15.
  4. Halves will last 35 minutes with a 5 minute half time.
  5. If there is a late start, the referee shall shorten playing time to ensure that the game is only played in full light. Playing at dusk or in the dark can be dangerous.
  6. A team must field at least seven players in order for a game to start.
  7. If a team does not have enough players, they forfeit. The forfeit shall occur 5 minutes after the scheduled start of the game. The score shall be 3-0 if one team forfeits and 0-0 if both teams forfeit. A scrimmage game can be played, however all other rules apply during the scrimmage game (i.e. alcohol consumption).
  8. A team may field no more than 5 men on the field at any one time (the keeper does not count).
  9. If a team is up by three points, the men on the leading team are not allowed to score until the trailing team scores.
  10. If a team doesn't have the requisite five women at the start of the game, they can borrow a player from a team not playing that day. The drafted player can not score.
  11. There will be no consumption of alcohol by players before or during a game. Half time is considered part of the game. Violations will result in a Red Card and a one game suspension.
  12. Substitutions will only be allowed during a goal kick and an own possesion throw in. Substituting with out the referee shall result in a Yellow Card.
  13. Slide tackling in any form will result in a Red Card.
  14. Sexual harassment will result in a Red Card and possible expulsion from the league.
  15. Fighting will result in expulsion from the league.
  16. Teams will receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. Points will be tallied at the end of the season to determine who plays in the championship games. In case of a tie, goal differential will determine ranking.

This list of rules will probably grow as new issues arise.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Co-ed Soccer Schedule

Team 1: Deaniacs
Team 2: Devil's Advoates
Team 3: Sureshanks
Team 4: Gil Fever
Team 5: GMF
Team 6: Captain Morgans

Game # Date Day Home Away
1 10-Jun Tuesday 1 vs 2
2 11-Jun Wednesday 3 vs 4
3 12-Jun Thursday 5 vs 6

4 17-Jun Tuesday 2 vs 4
5 18-Jun Wednesday 1 vs 6
6 19-Jun Thursday 5 vs 3

7 24-Jun Tuesday 3 vs 6
8 25-Jun Wednesday 2 vs 5
9 26-Jun Thursday 1 vs 4

10 1-Jul Tuesday 1 vs 5
11 2-Jul Wednesday 2 vs 6
12 3-Jul Thursday 3 vs 4

13 8-Jul Tuesday 2 vs 3
14 9-Jul Wednesday 1 vs 6
15 10-Jul Thursday 4 vs 5

16 15-Jul Tuesday 3 vs 5
17 16-Jul Wednesday 4 vs 6
18 17-Jul Thursday 1 vs 2

19 22-Jul Tuesday 1 vs 3
20 23-Jul Wednesday 5 vs 6
21 24-Jul Thursday 2 vs 4

22 29-Jul Tuesday 5th vs 6th
23 30-Jul Wednesday 3rd vs 4th
24 31-Jul Thursday 1st vs 2nd

Co-ed Soccer T-shirts

NMIFA soccer t shirtsNorman del Rosario designed our t-shirts for the co-ed summer league.

The team colors are:

1 Dean & Dora - Blue
2 Angelo & Meaghan - Orange
3 Steve & Nicole - White
4 Jason & Tamarie - Yellow
5 Mel & Greg - Green
6 Dave & Leanne - Red

Co-ed Soccer Summer League starts tonight

The NMIFA Co-ed Soccer Summer League kicks off tonight for a summer full of action. The first game is tonight at 5:15pm at the CPA Airport Field.

The summer league lasts for eight weeks, with games played on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons. Each team will play one game per week.

Games will start at 5:15pm on game days and will consist of two 35-minute halves with five-minute halftimes.

Players in the co-ed league hail from the NMIFA Men's, Women's, and Youth Leagues. Some of the players from the Men's and Women's National Teams also play.

Brad Ruszala, starting forward for the CNMI Men in this year's annual Marianas Cup, looks forward to competing against his counterpart on the CNMI Women's Team, Brenda Schultz.

“Last year's co-ed season was a great opportunity to go out and stretch my legs once a week and I'm really looking forward to winning my first co-ed game. Maybe I'll have more luck this year”.

Teams were picked last night, but it is not too late to play. The registration form can be downloaded at Completed forms can be dropped off at the NMIFA office located on Beach Road in Garapan or emailed to

The registration fee is only $15 and includes a co-ed T-shirt and eight weeks of play. For questions, contact co-ed league commissioner Angelo Villagomez at 285-6462

Monday, June 2, 2008

Co-ed Soccer Registration

The registration form for Co-ed soccer is available here. Please print it out and return to me this week. We are going to pick teams over the weekend.

You can email the completed form to or give the form to me. My phone number is 285-6462.

The cost to register is $15 and includes a Coed t-shirt and 8 games. Games will be played on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday from June 10 - July 30.