Monday, November 26, 2007

NMI Women's National Football team named

Monday November 26, 2007

NMI women’s national football team named

By Roselyn B. Monroyo
Variety News Staff

TWENTY female strikers have been named to the NMI national football team after more than a month of training.

Making the list were Natalie Hill, Meaghan Hassel-Shearer, Katie Peters, Emily Gries, Rebecca Newman, Francine Sablan, Jennifer Linden, Maryana Gramlich, Lindsay Davis., Brenda Schultz, Zoe Jewell, Rima Halaby, Divya Sharma, Madison Smith, Elisa Fejeran, Nikki Gabaldon, Patricia Coleman, Ashley Hofschneider, Connie Camacho, and Amanda Allen.

Northern Mariana Island Football Association technical director Jason Higgins will be coaching the team.

Higgins, who conducted a series of tryouts for the NMI Women’s Nationals, is expected to continue holding training sessions over the next four weeks before the holiday break.

Next year, Higgins will be conducting 4 to 5-weeklong training sessions to prepare the NMI female strikers for the 2nd Annual Marianas Cup.

The Marianas Cup is set for spring next year with the NMI hoping to settle the score with Guam.

The NMI bets, who were coached by NMI coach Jeff “Ziggy” Korytoski then, suffered a 0-7 beating at the hands of the Guam strikers at the GFA Complex and Training Facility Field in Harmon in April this year.

In preparation for the rematch, the NMI bets will be playing weekly games against a U15 co-ed team and the Superstar Team. The “Superstars” are composed of selected players from the ongoing women’s fall league. Steve McKagen and Brad Ruszala are coaching the “Superstars.”

Last Saturday at the Oleai Sports Complex Field,, the NMI women’s football team played its first game as one squad and shut out the Superstars, 6-0.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Semi Finals for The Women's League!

Final League standings!
Wild Fire11
Smith's 8
Marianas Eye 6

Saturday December 1st Schedule

2:30 1st ranked Wild Bill's Vs 4th ranked PIC
4:15 2nd ranked Smith's plays 3rd ranked Marianas Eye

The winner from these games will play on December 8th for the Championship at 10:00.
The almost winners will play a consolation game on the same day for 3rd and 4th place at 8:15.
An on site award ceremony will occur right after the game. All player's attendance is requested (Jason's Minions as well).

Women's Games for Sat November 24th

Games info for Saturday November 24th
Wildfire 2-Smith's 2
Wildfire Goal Nicole Leblanc
Smith's goal Madison Smith off an assist from Emily Gries
Wildfire goal Natalie Hill
Smith's goal Emily Gries

Wild Bill's DPOTG: Angie Mister
Wild Bill's OPOTG: Patty Coleman
Smith's OPOTG Madison Smith
Smith's DPOTG Emily Gries

Game 2 Minions (4) VS Marianas Eye (0):
1st half:
Zoe Jewell Scored off an assist from Lucas Knecht
Hana Thompson scored off an assist from Damien Jeon
TeMary Gramlich of Marianas Eye saved 6 shots.
2nd half:
Hunter Thorpe scored 2 goals. The later off a penalty kick.
Minions OPOTG was Damien Jeon
Minions DPOTG was Caleb Arriola
Marianas Eye OPOTG was Karen Klaver
Marianas Eye DPOTG was Allison Livingston

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

By Popular Demand

Due to popular demand:
Mon, Nov 19th 4:30 WNT training at GTC (cuts) Superstars at CPA
Wed, Nov 21st 4:30 WNT training at GTC Superstars at CPA
Fri, Nov 23 4:30 WNT training at GTC Superstars at CPA
Sat, Nov 24 10:00 WNT VS Superstars at ChaCha
2:30 Wild Bills Vs Smith's
4:15 Marianas Eye VS Jason's Minions
Mon, Nov 26 4:30 WNT Training at GTC Superstars CPA
Wed, Nov 28 4:30 WNT Training at GTC Superstars CPA
Fri, Nov 30 4:30 WNT Training at GTC Superstars CPA
Sat, Dec 1 10:00 AM WNT vs Jason's Minions at Cha Cha
2:30 1st in points play 4th in points CPA
4:15 3rd in point series play 2nd in point series at CPA
Mon Dec 3 4:30 WNT at GTC Superstars at CPA
Wed, Dec 5 4:30 WNT at GTC Superstars at CPA
Fri, Dec 7 4:30 WNT VS Superstars at ChaCha
Sat Dec 8 8:15 almost winners from last week play for 3rd and 4th
10:00 winners from last week play for 1st and 2nd
Award Ceremony following directly after game ALL are encouraged to attend.
Mon, Dec 10th 4:30 WNT at GTC Superstars at CPA
Wed, Dec 12 4:30 WNT VS Superstars at ChaCha
Until we meet again!!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

November 12th Womens League games

Game 1 PIC Paradise in Cleats Vs Marianas Eye SPECtaculars
PIC 1 Marianas Eye 0
Brenda Schultz scored early in the 1st half off of an assist by Ashley Hofschneider.
Although there were many attempts on goal throughout the game the score stayed 1-0.
PIC's OPOTG Brenda Schultz
PIC's DPOTG Noi Horey
Marianas Eye OPOTG Morgan Rose
Marianas Eye DPOTG Allison Livingston

Game 2 Jason's Minions Vs Smith's Bella Ballers
Minions 4- Bellas 2
The first half was tied 1-1
Zoey Jewell struck first with a goal for the Minions but Madison Smith tied things up off and assist from Tawny Barcinas.
During the second half the Minions began their scoring rampage with goals by Lucas Knecht, Michi Tenorio, and Bradley Brostrom. Bella Ballers also got one more in. Maryana Gramlich scored one in for the Bella Ballers off an assist from Madison Smith.
This game was a muddy mess!!!!!
Minion's OPOTG: Lucas Knecht
Minions DPOTG: Caleb Arriola
Bellas OPOTG: Emily Gries
Bellas DPOTG: Vanesa PritchardPoint standings:

November 12
Wild Bill’s 10
Marianas Eye 6
Smith’s 4

Players "shower off" at Shell after the game.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Monday, 4:30 CPA Field Women's National Team Tryouts begin!!!

Nothing compares to hearing the anthem being played and knowing you are there to represent the CNMI playing a sport you love!!! Think of all the young women and girls you can inspire to play! Think of the pride you will feel at the end of the day knowing you did it!
Come give it a shot!!! Try-outs are from 4:30-6:00 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at CPA field!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

women's rec league continues!!!!

Hot off the press:
Game 1:
Smith's Bella Ballers beat Marianas Eye Spectaculars 1-0. Both teams were without Captains. Morgan Rose was sidelined due to an injury and Emily Gries was coaching her Community School girls interscholastic team. The score was 0-0 in the first 1/2. Tawny Barcinas crossed a beautiful ball over to Madison Smith who tapped it in for the win. The offensive player of the game for Smiths was Madison Smith and the Defensive player of the game was Vanesa Pritchard. Specs offensive player of the game was Karen Klaver and their defensive player of the game was Linda Anastatio.
Game 2:
Wild Bills Wildfire beat PIC's Paradise in Cleats 2-0. It was a well matched game with actions on both sides of the field. The score was 0-0 at half time. Early in the 2nd half Patty Coleman dribbled down and broke through the PIC defense and dribbled in and shot for the goal. Lindsay Davis scored one in as the slippery ball made it's way through Noi Horey's slippery hands in this mud filled game.
The offensive player of the game for Wild Bills was Patty Coleman and Defensive player of the game was Angie Mister. PIC's offensive player of the game was Brenda Schultz and defensive player f the game was Jenny Linden.

Wild Bills 10 pts
Marianas Eye 6 Pts
Smith's 4 pts
PIC 2 pts

October 27th players of the game were:
Smiths OPOTG Madison Smith
Smiths DPOTG Vanesa Pritchard
Wild Bill's OPOTG Connie Camacho
Wild Bill's DPOTG Nikki Gabaldon
Marianas Eye Institute OPOTG Elyssa Fejeran
Marianas Eye Insttute DPOTG Allisn Livingston
Minions OPOTG Zoe Jewell
Minions DPOTG Kai Stahl

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

CNMI Women's National Team Try-outs!

November 12th, 2007, 4:30pm at CPA Field is the first day of WNT try-outs.

If you are selected for the team, training will be held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
with Saturday morning games.

For more information, contact Jason Higgins at