Monday, November 12, 2007

November 12th Womens League games

Game 1 PIC Paradise in Cleats Vs Marianas Eye SPECtaculars
PIC 1 Marianas Eye 0
Brenda Schultz scored early in the 1st half off of an assist by Ashley Hofschneider.
Although there were many attempts on goal throughout the game the score stayed 1-0.
PIC's OPOTG Brenda Schultz
PIC's DPOTG Noi Horey
Marianas Eye OPOTG Morgan Rose
Marianas Eye DPOTG Allison Livingston

Game 2 Jason's Minions Vs Smith's Bella Ballers
Minions 4- Bellas 2
The first half was tied 1-1
Zoey Jewell struck first with a goal for the Minions but Madison Smith tied things up off and assist from Tawny Barcinas.
During the second half the Minions began their scoring rampage with goals by Lucas Knecht, Michi Tenorio, and Bradley Brostrom. Bella Ballers also got one more in. Maryana Gramlich scored one in for the Bella Ballers off an assist from Madison Smith.
This game was a muddy mess!!!!!
Minion's OPOTG: Lucas Knecht
Minions DPOTG: Caleb Arriola
Bellas OPOTG: Emily Gries
Bellas DPOTG: Vanesa PritchardPoint standings:

November 12
Wild Bill’s 10
Marianas Eye 6
Smith’s 4

Players "shower off" at Shell after the game.

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