Friday, July 11, 2008

Week 4 Results

We had another great week of soccer.

Tuesday's game pitted the Sureshanks in white vs the Devils Advocates in orange. Both teams were missing some of their star players. Rio Sawhill and Jesse P missed the game for orange and Brenda Schultz and team captain Steve Mckagan were in Guam for white. The game was a close one, with the only scoring coming in the closing minutes of the of an own goal. Devil's Advocates won 1-0.

Wednesday's game was Captain Morgans in red against the Deaniacs in blue. Chris Nelson, aka Rhino, found the back of the net twice in the first half to put Captain Morgans up 2-0. The Deaniacs fought back in the second half, with Madison Smith scoring the goal of the week off a beautiful pass from Jersh Angeles, but it wasn't enough to force a tie or a win. Captain Morgans won 2-1.

Bruce Berline received the second red card of the coed season for slide tackling. He claims he slipped. Whatever.

Who would have guessed that Bruce Berline and Dave Banes would get the only red cards so far? Oh wait, probably everybody.

Thursday game was GMF in green vs Gil Fever in yellow. I had to leave last night's game early to go to an event at the Hyatt. The score was 0-0 when I left, but I am told that Jeff Cloud scored before half time. Dan Westfall scored a great goal in the second half, however it didn't tie the game because he scored the goal against his own team.

Both own goals this week will not count towards the Golden Boot Award.

Speaking of the Golden Boot, Jack Thethaiguy is running away from the competition. Jerk. In the women's category, Lindsay Sosovec leads three other women by one goal.

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Goro said...

You know we tried to keep Jack off the score board, but Patty wanted to award him Dan's OG.

Oh, well.