Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Day Weenie Roast Coed Soccer Tournament

The idea has only been around for about 10 minutes, but so far two people have committed to play soccer in the First Annual Memorial Day Weenie Roast Coed Soccer Tournament on Navy HIll. That's Steve McKagan and me! One more person and we have half the amount of people we need to play 3 vs 3!

Here's the deal:

Plan to show up at Navy Hill before noon. I'll bring the fire and the condiments. I also have a cooler, tables, and chairs. Somebody else will volunteer to bring ice, napkins, plates, and whatever else is needed for a BBQ.

We'll start playing soccer right away. The entrance fee for the tournament will be a pack of hot dogs, a six pack of drinks, or something else to share with everyone. If you can't do that, just show up anyway.

It might be a little hot for those first few games, but who cares? The hospital is right down the street!

Let me know if you want to play so we can plan.

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