Friday, August 24, 2007

Pika Raiders 2, Taya Talent 0

Emotions were flying high in this game, particularly among the men from both teams.
In the words of the women from team Fiesta Fuerza, "You have to want it to win!"-- and both teams wanted it bad. After several shots on goal, many of which were inches from the goal line, Pika and Taya went into the second half 0-0.

Patty Coleman hit a well-timed, in-the-air pass from rookie player Sean in the net. Taya's goalie, Pete, caught some of the ball, but because of too much spin, the ball found the back of the net. Despite Taya's demolition doctor duo defense (David Khorram and Daniel Lamar), minutes later Morgan Rose hit in a right-footed blast that floated safely in goal.

Next week, it's Taya vs. Wild Bill's and Pika vs. Pirates. Go co-ed league!

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Anonymous said...

The BIG question remains...can P. Goalman score four next week to win the scoring title???

A woman's place is on the pitch!