Thursday, August 30, 2007

Report says 50,000 condoms available for 13th Pacific Games

By Nazario Rodriquez Jr.
Horizon news staff

Online news report had it that the host nation for the 13th Pacific Games ordered some 50,000 condoms to be available during the 15-day event from Aug. 25-Sept. 8.

New Zealand’s Pacific Radio News last week reported that the number one doctor in Samoa was urging thjose who are heading to the Games to make their best performance on the track and field and not in their hotel rooms.

Pacific Radio News quoted Dr. Stanley Dean that there’s been a preoccupation with sex at these Games and that he wants to remind athletes and officials that the occasion is about sports not sex.

An estimated 5,000 athletes are now billeted in the Games’ village and other temporary shelters during the duration of the multi-sports gathering of 22 Pacific Island nations.

Palau sent some 100 athletes, coaches and officials to the Games.

A few days before their departure from Palau, the athletes have been briefed about the medical and health services to be accorded to them during the Games.

Sports officials in Palau did not mention however if the condom issue was part of the medical briefing.

The report said that the condoms would be available at the Safe Games Booth and at bars, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels as well as the National Hospital and at the Samoa AIDS Foundation.

"Sex at the Games became an issue after a leaked memo banning gay athletes and fafafine from engaging in sexual activity at the Village Compound caused a furor," the report said.

Accordingly, the memo was later withdrawn with host nation officials reiterating they didn't endorse the discrimination of fafafine.

"HiV and Aids workers have since pushed on with an awareness campaign for safe sex at the Games, saying it's impossible to ban it with all that male testosterone and female pheromones coming together over two weeks," Pacific Radio News said.

Fafafine= bakala

Don't mean to dwarf Taya's glory, but this article is hilarious!

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Hot Inter-island Man on Man Action is nothing to joke about. There is nothing hilarious about it.

Use a condom.

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