Thursday, August 7, 2008

Game 2: Devils Advocates 4, GMF 1

In a rematch of the Summer League's 3rd place game, Devils Advocates came out strong to defeat GMF 4-1.

The trio of Patty Coleman, Lyndsay Davis, and Meaghan Hasselhoff (that's not Irish) strung together a series of passes early in the first half, resulting in a goal by Davis.

The D Advocates scored again in the first half, wih Hasselhoff finding the back of the net.

GMF came back strong in the second half. Joe "Miller Time" Miller came out of his first half daze to score off a strong kicked right footer that seemed to break the sound barrier as it blew by second half keep Jetsada Thethaiguy.

With GMF threatening a tie game, the Advocates came back to score two more goals before the end of regulation. Lar Theotherthaiguy scored on a long dribble up the middle and Becky C. nailed a shot after a cross from Angelo Villagomez was deflected by the keeper right to her feet.

Tonight's game features a rematch of the Summer Leagues Championship game.

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