Monday, August 4, 2008

New Schedule

Game #DateDay HomeAwayResult
1August 5TuesDeaniacsSureshanks1-1
2August 6WedsD AdvocatesGMF4-1
3August 7ThursGil FeverC Morgans2-2
4August 10
SunDeaniacsD Advocates3-2
5August 12TuesD AdvocatesC Morgans
6August 13WedsDeaniacsGil Fever
7August 14ThursGMFSureshanks
8August 17SunSureshanksGil Fever
9August 19TuesSureshanksC Morgans
10August 20WedsD AdvocatesGil Fever
11August 21ThursDeaniacsGMF
12August 24SunGMFC Morgans
13August 26TuesDeaniacsC Morgans
14August 27WedsGil FeverGMF
15August 28ThursD AdvocatesSureshanks

There will be a tournament on Sunday the 31 if someone else will organize it.

Sunday games are played at 3 PM (except for the first game becuase of a conflict with the 3 vs 3 tournament). All other games start at 5:15 PM.

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