Monday, September 17, 2007

I didn't puke

Consecutive Days without Angelo puking: 1

What can I say? I'm known for leaving everything on the field.

Day 1 of tryouts is done. 21 guys came out for the team, including one middle school student, two high school students, and two guys in their twenties (the other Pete and me). Everyone else is 30 and above.

We did a short warm up with some stretching.

Then we did some dribbling and passing drills.

Then Fujita led us in two drills. We played two different 4 vs 4 games.

Then we had five trips through the tunnel of love.

Then it was dark and practice ended.

I'd forgotten how tiring soccer practice can be...and I feel fat...and I miss my legs from 10 years ago.

We have two more tryouts this week on Thursday and Friday. We have Tuesday and Wednesday to rest, but I'll be jogging with David for about 3 miles each morning.

I don't feel as hurt as I did when we did this in February...but we haven't had our fitness test yet.

Here's to dropping 20 lbs by Friday!

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