Wednesday, September 5, 2007

World Cup Tickets For Sale

I have two World Cup Ticket for sale. My daughter was going to go but is worried about missing too much school (good girl). We are selling her ticket at cost.

The first one is Match 30 which is a semi final match on September 27th in Hangzhou Dragon Stadium Lower section 9 East row 22 seat 16 Ticket was $40 shipping was $16 Cost with shipping: $56.00

The second one is for 3rd/4th place, the final, and the closing ceremony in Shanghai.
Seating is lower section 10, row 11 seat 42 Cost was $66 shipping was $16 cost with shipping: $82.00

email me at First come first serve.


Anonymous said...

Try posting on Big Soccer. It has a forum for tickets for WWC. It is mostly US fans and you might get lucky there.

Anonymous said...

You may have trouble unloading it unless China makes the Final. I would take whatever you can get once you are in China. Even the Opening Game looked like alot of empty seats and that is a poor sign. Plus, you only have a single tix for sale. That makes it harder as there will be alot of folks unloading single tickets.

One the bright side, it is the Final Match, so you never know. Root for China!

The games last night were barely half full. These are huge stadiums and the price isout of reach for nearly all citizens of China. Same problem happened at the Men's WC in Korea. They would bus school kids in to fill the empty seats to make the stadiums look full.