Wednesday, September 5, 2007

An Open Letter to David Beckham

Dear Mr. Beckham,

Taya Talent recently ended our 2007 Summer COED Football Season with a 0-6-2 record. That's right, we didn't win a damn game.

As we enter the off season, we are looking to build our team for next year. We are interested in recruiting you for our team.

I understand that you just busted your knee; that's OK. You are probably still faster on one leg than most of our team is with two "healthy" legs.

I also understand that you are contracted to make about $250 million this year. I can't offer you that much, but we usually grill up some sausage after each game. I'll make sure you have first dibs. I can also promise you 3% of the revenue from Taya Talent jersey sales.

If you are interested in entering into contract negotiations, please have your agent contact the NMIFA COED


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