Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sureshanks vs Captain Morgans

A star was born in Tuesday game pitting Steve Mckagan's Sureshanks vs Dave Loan's Captain Morgans.

The teams were evenly matched through 35 minutes of play, with neither team managing to find the back of the net. First time soccer player Rob Jordan came into the second half determined to win it for his team.

He nailed two shots in the second half, both on fast breaks, leaving the defenders in the dust.

Sureshanks defeated Captain Morgans 2-0 and Rob Jordan is now tied for the Golden Boot with Jack and Jessie.

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Anonymous said...

Morgan's 16 shots to the goal, 4 headers and a PK, and they could not score!! It was never mention but Sureshanks's goalie was the reason!