Thursday, June 26, 2008

GMF vs Devils Advocates

Angelo Villagomez' helped his team Devils Advocates skadoosh Greg and Mel Borja's GMF last night.

Devils Advocates drew blood in the early minutes of the game with new draftee Pattie "I've got three kids" Coleman scoring off a near perfect pass from Jessie P. Villagomez added to the goal total with a looper from 25 yards out that was too much for keeper Greg Borja to handle.

The score was 2-0 at the restart. Despite some valiant efforts by CNMI National Men's Team starters Brad Ruszala and Dan Westfal, GMF was unable to score.

The game ended 2-0.

Pattie Coleman was the first woman in the league to score a goal. She sits alone in the Golden Boot standings. Villagomez joins the pool of 9 male players who have scored a single goal in the league. Rob Jordan, Jessie P, and Jack Thethaiguy currently share the Golden Boot title with 2 goals a piece.

Tonight's game features the undefeated Gil Fever vs the winless Deaniacs.

Not that I'm partial....but go Deaniacs!!!

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