Friday, June 27, 2008

Deaniacs vs Gil Fever

I didn't watch the game, but Gil Fever took down the Deaniacs 3-2. Jason Schroeder and Jack Thethaiguy were the scorers for Gil Fever. Schroeder scored once and Thethaiguy scored twice.

On the Deaniacs side Masa Otsuka and Jersh Angeles scored.

At the end of two weeks of play, Gil Fever sits atop the rankings with a record of 2-0 and six points. Sureshanks is in second with a win and a tie, good for four points. Devils Advocates and Captain Morgans are tied for third with six points apiece.

Jack Thethaiguy currently leads in the Golden Boot category with 4 goals, while Pattie Coleman leads in the woman's category as the only woman to score so far this season.

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Saipan Patricia said...

Let's go, ladies! We need more of your names on the score board!