Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm seeing yellow!!!

This week was full of firsts!
During the Pika Raiders verses Wild Bill's game, Patty Coleman started the whole thing off by FINALLY getting women on the score board for COED soccer! Next year we have to try and keep track of assists too. She kicked one in for Pika off a beautiful assist from Morgan Rose. Way to go Patty!!!
Another first this week was John Ravell as Center referee during the Taya Talent and Pirate game. This was his first time at center. Thanks to people like him who come out and give up their free time we get well organized games. I have tried to referee before and I am telling you that it is a lot harder than it looks. John did a great job! He kept composure, had a great sense of humor and maintained professionalism.
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Last but not least we had our first yellow cards of COED soccer. Two players received these cards for fouls. One for Taya Talent and one for Pirates. The crowd could not help noticing that the yellow cards did bear a close resemblance to green but we all understood that they were yellow. Where are the green cards?

Play hard, play well, and love the game!

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