Monday, July 23, 2007

NMIFA in the News

The women are looking for some players:

Saipan Tribune, Monday, July 23, 2007

Women's national team needs new members
By Jon Perez

The CNMI National Women’s Football Team is looking for additional members that would complete their roster in time for next month's tune-up games against off-island teams.

Co-captains Morgan Rose and Brenda Schultz is calling on all interested female players to join in an eight-day tryout, which started last Saturday at the Commonwealth Ports Authority Field.

Schultz and Rose are forming a Women's All-Star team to play in a tune-up match between local and off-island men's teams on Aug. 4 and 5.

A men's 35-and-over team from Hong Kong will be arriving on Aug. 3 to play several goodwill matches against local squads.

The CNMI All-Stars co-captains of the women's team wanted to take this opportunity to hone their skills by going up against the Hong Kong squad.

Nationality and age will not be a factor for selection and the co-captains only need for those who wish to try out is being fearless and their dedication.

Only six slots are left in the All-Star women's squad. The practice/training sessions, which started at 8am on Saturday, will be held at the Airport Field.

The schedule of the tryouts from Sunday to Thursday is 5pm, while sessions start at 8am every Saturday. The tryout will run from July 21 to 24, July 28 to 30, and Aug. 2.

Early this year, the CNMI women's team played against the Guam National Women’s squad in the inaugural Marianas Cup, which served as a preparation of the Guam women’s for the East Asian Football Federation Women’s Championship.

The CNMI has also met the Guam women’s team in several friendly tournaments.
The Northern Mariana Island Football Association credits Marcos Alonso for starting the women’s program. NMIFA has twice organized a Women's League, which is one of their programs of promoting the sport in the CNMI.

NMIFA also organizes the men's, youth, and co-ed leagues.

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Shazam said...

I have no idea how the National Team even got into this...This was for the all star team, not National. Same release which was posted below. Weird.