Monday, July 30, 2007

Wild Bill's: Great Team or Greatest Team Ever?

From an NMIFA Press Release:

Fiesta Stays Perfect; Wild Bill's Impresses

Fiesta Inter pushed past a stubborn FC Arirang club, 3 to 1, to remain unbeaten thru the second week of the Northern Mariana Islands Football Association Men's Summer Open League yesterday at Ada Field. In the other match, Wild Bill's took the pitch for the first time and showed the talent needed to compete at the top with a rousing 7 to 1 victory over PTI.

Fiesta Inter took a 2-0 lead into the halftime with a spectacular header from Chris Guerrero at the ten minute mark and a goal from newcomer, Zhu Song Gen, in the 31st minute.

FC Arirang came back within a goal soon after the break when Chong Koo Gil found the back of the net. Masatoshi Otsuka ended the scoring for the contest with a strike at the 60th minute mark.

After being idle last week, Wild Bill's ignited for seven goals against PTI.

Jetsada Phonsutjit and Ben Wood each had a pair of goals and Chris McKagan and Jason Schroeder each chipped in one a piece. PTI enjoyed a early goal from Kanghyin Shin and suffered an own goal late in the match to complete the scoring.

Next week will showcase two visiting Over-35 Master teams from Hong Kong and Guam in a series of matches on Saturday August 4th with the Women's Allstar Team and FC Arirang and the Saipan Scramble Tourney on Sunday August 5th.


bradinthesand said...

is it chris or steve?

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As with so many people here on Saipan, Steve is actually in the Federal Witness Protection Program and his previous name was "Chris."

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Or was it Christina?