Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lovelle D'Lonsod of Guns-N-Roses

This is part of the "meet the NMIFA Women" COED series.

Lovelle the Quiet Lion

Lovelle comes to the COED league bringing one Spring women's League season and 3 years of experience from the Philippines (and her sister Kathy Pagapular). She has a reputation of being a passionate player who likes to see her team do well. She has a sweet smile and kind words but has also shown no fear in taking on player threats such as Wesley Bogdan and Jason Schroeder.

When you see Lovelle quietly pass you by don't forget she's a lion on the field so give her a smile and a growl! She is Number 23 and wears a PIC uniform.
Go Lovelle!


Marianas Eye said...

From the first paragraph, something told me that Brenda was on the keyboard. Nice bio.

There's a major CNMI soccer scoop I just posted on my blog. It might be old news to some, but pretty new for most of us.


bradinthesand said...

Yeah Lovelle! She's on the coolest team in the league and Taya Talent owes a ton of its flavor to our pinay princess. BTW, she'll be shedding that PIC uniform next week when she dons the new look TT threads.

rabsin_d said...

Please send my regards to ate Lovelle Lea. Tell her this is Ricky de la Cruz, from Philippines...We were High School friends. Tell her I miss her...Thanks!

contact me back at:

email: rabsin_d@yahoo.com.ph
blog: http://finlust.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

This is their trainor during her high school days. It was nice too see she is still playing the sport.


Anonymous said...

I love lovelle! she is now playing in Guam women's league. This is a nice bio.