Friday, July 20, 2007

Looking For A Few Good Women


Captain Brenda and Captain Morgan are forming a women's All Star Squad to play the weekend of August 4th and 5th. We will be playing men's teams from Hong Kong and the CNMI. Their teams will be composed of men 35 and over (Master's Division). The women will not have any Nationality or Age requirements. They just need to be dedicated and fearless! Come join us for try-outs. There will be about 6 spots available on the roster to fill.

Please pass this information on to the women players you know.

Practice will be at:

CPA Field
Saturday July 21st 8AM
Sunday July 22nd 5PM
Monday July 23rd 5PM
Thursday July 24th 5PM
Saturday July28th 8AM
Sunday July 29th 5PM
Monday July 30th 5PM
Thursday August 2nd 5PM
Tournament August 3rd and 4th

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