Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wild Bills and Pirates match up on Tuesday/ Taya and Pika match up on Wednesday

Tuesday night's 5:15 game at Airport is sure to be interesting. The last time Wild Bill's took on the Fiesta Pirates, Wild Bill's came out ahead by 1 goal.

The Pirates will still be looking to pillage the pitch without the help of Divya "The Destroyer" Sharma and Michael Thomas. Mafi's status is still with question. The fitness of Dale "Dread Pirate" and Maria "The Warrior" Ornes is still up in the air for the match as well. Wild Bill's will be without the talent of Wesley Bogdan on the field but they have rounded up some of their teammates for this rodeo of sorts. Joining Wild Bills on the field will be Lindsay "high scoring" Davis and none other than Jerry Tan! The question is...will Becca "The Wall" Newman be back for this game or not...

Wednesday nights adventure in COED soccer continues as Taya Talent plays Pika Raiders. These two teams tied last time and share a brother and sister like rivalry. Taya will be without the help of Newcomer Evan and possibly Tara as well as high scorer Chris Nelson. Pika Raiders will be without Dr. Allison "Hard Core" Livingston.

Game on! Have fun!